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Welcome to the Page of the attractive and very muscular National Level Bodybuilder YAMILE MARRERO!

(all pictures are used by Yamile's personal permission)



Some Info about YAMILE:


I was born in Cuba (Havana) and raised in Chicago & Miami. I have always been physically active; I trained classical ballet for close to 10 years, then aerobics and spinning. I wanted a “six pack” and after having discovered the weight training I got hooked!

Competition wasn’t in my mind right from the start, but got soon. Eearly on I saw an ad for a bodybuilding show and called the promoter John Organ to see what it was about. The wonerful John, who passed away this last year, offered to show me how to achieve a “six pack” and I never looked back. John will be sorely missed in the bodybuilding community.

Training Routine
With the firefighting schedule, these days I train 2 days on and 1 day off year round. If time permits I split cardio and weight training each day so one does not compromise the other (usually cardio at noon and weights at night).

Competition history highlights
Best placement was 2004 USA’s Women Heavyweight 2nd Place finish. I had to take 2 years off after that and when I returned 2007 my best placement was 7th at the North American. I’m now getting ready for the Arnold Classic Amateur Show in Febr/March 2009.

Favorite and least favorite exercises
Favorite exercise is pull-ups. The real, strict pull-ups, not “frog jumps”!
Least favorite – since I don’t have a maid, leg presses. I have to load anywhere up to 20 – 45lb plates and it’s a work out just to load and un-load them. I really don’t mind the pressing part at all J

Best body part in my opinion
Legs. And calves (which I don’t even train except if you count the 10 years of releve or the never-ending stair climbing I do).

What do I enjoy about training and getting ready for competition, and what do I enjoy about off-season?
The most enjoyable about training for comp is seeing the physical changes to my body almost overnight. What I enjoy about off-season I will let you know as soon as I find out when that is – I must have missed it since I train year round not just for bodybuilding, but for firefighting as well.

Firefighter, Emergency medical technician, Public health scientist/researcher, Doctoral student, Lawyer, Personal trainer and Bodybuilder competitor.

A typical day
No such thing in my life – really. One 24 hours every third day is firefighting but I can be doing firefighting or emergency medical services or both usually. Then on the other days I am training myself of course but I also teach at the university (usually at night once or twice a week), work with a research group at the university (I have an office there), trying to get my dissertation started (usually at my university office), working with research data and analysis issues including managing our data team which includes very talented graduate assistants. And from time to time work on some minor legal matters, as well as board work with one of my best friend’s community based organization Empower “U” Incorporated, which provides testing, counseling and case management for HIV+ individuals in the Liberty City, Florida area. I am a pro-bono legal counsel, secretary, treasurer etc., for the organization.

What do I enjoy most about bb lifestyle – I love the look and it frees me up to do all the other things in life I enjoy. I plan and carry my food everywhere with me so I am always assured of food and drink every 3-4 hours without fail – this is very important to me and my stomach which relies on getting fed regularly!

Something interesting about me that people would be surprised to find out – I am pretty much an open book I think but it may surprise some to discover I am a pacifist and do not believe violence resolves anything.

Competition and future goals
I would still like to turn pro – future goal is to continue to compete as long as I enjoy it. Non-bb goal is to complete my dissertation and get the PhD in public health.

Off-season contest prep – training – dieting
Pretty much the same as during season just not as intense. My cardio may drop to 30 minutes a day but usually stays at 45 minutes per day. Weight training stays the same 2 days on 1 day off unless I am at a conference for school, firefighting, law or some other such reason. Food I eat a little more but I still carry my food with me although I may eat out occasionally.

Please note:
Yamile does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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