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Welcome to the Page of the attractive and very muscular Bodybuilder/Wrestler AFRIKA!

(all pictures are used by Afrika's personal permission)



Some Info about AFRIKA:


Where and when were you born?


What is your profession?
Occupation: Wrestler


Were you involved in sports or fitness prior to bodybuilding and how did you get started with weight training?
Bodybuilding, Track and Field (events 100, 200 meters and the 4 by 4 - High School and College


Was it a goal for you to compete in bodybuilding competitions right from the beginning or was it something that grew in your mind as time went on and you saw the progress in your body?
Bodybuilding Contest became a goal once I saw my competition and I knew where my body could go.


Can you give me your competition history?
Competitions: Women's Extravaganza, Lancaster, Pasadena, Venice Beach and the LA. each one of these I won my class as a Heavy Weight. The WE I won overall as well.


Which contest has been your biggest success; which has had the most meaning to you?
Best Contest: Women's Extravaganza- Won my class and overall and also won strength competition on Bench Press and Dips. I came home with lots of trophies and lots of credits in the Bodybuilding Arena


Please tell me something about your training routine (ie: how many days per week / training split /cardio, etc.)
My training routine: 6 days a week, everyday except Saturday. 3-4 miles running intervals of Sprintings and Hill work or stair climbing 4 times a week with weights and the basic training {push ups, pull ups and outdoor manuevers}


What is your favorite exercise in the gym and which one you don’t like so much?
My favorite workout is Legs and not so favorite is squats


Which body part is your best in your opinion?
My shoulders, and Arms


If you don’t mind would you give me some stats (best lifts and some body measurements)?
Bench 225, Curl 45lbs, push ups -60max
My Stats: Wt:185, 17in biceps 26 thighs, 16in calves and huge shoulders


What do you enjoy about training for competition....what do you enjoy about the 'off season'?
Started Wrestling in 1987
No, I am have not ever thought that someone could beat me. My Style: Combat Wrestling, competitive submission wrestling


Please describe a typical day in the life of Afrika.
My day: Training, Business Corporate, Family


Please tell me about what you do when you don’t work out ( hobbies, what do you do to relax?, etc.)
My Hobbies: Reading, Movies, Music


What do you enjoy most about the bodybuilding/fitness lifestyle?
I enjoy the energy and the recognition of being an Athlete


Tell me something interesting about yourself, something people may be surprised to hear.
I used to be a FireFighter


What are your competition goals or personal future goals?
My future goal: WWE wrestler and Diva


Afrika does sessions in the Los Angeles area




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