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Welcome to the Page of the very attractive, beautifully muscled IFBB Professional Bodybuilder MONICA MARTIN!

(all pictures are used by Monica's personal permission)



Some Info about Monica:


She has became the first Brazilian Bodybuilder female, to receive a Pro Card of the IFBB(the main world federation for this sport).


Monica has been involved in many other sports throughout her life: Cycling, Ballet, Martial Arts,Gymnastics among others this activities set her physical base, she started liftng weights in 1986 as part of her traning, it took many years for her decide to take on competitive Bodybuilding it was in 1994 when she succesfully competed for the first time wining every: State, Inter-State, Regionals and Nationals amateurs Bodybuilding championships, South-American and Ibero-American championships.


The next step for her was the World Amateur Woman's & Mixed Pairs Bodybuilding Championships, reaching the 4th spot.


In January 1998, she finaly earned her Pro Card due her condition of number one in her country and the continent.


She was active promoter of bodybuilding and a symbol of this sport in her country and her victories opened the doors to entered in the spotlight of the Bodybuilding media, appearing in specializad magazines like Flex, Musclemag,Women's Physique World, Ironman and in all over of the internet. Part of the attention she gets from the observers are her charisma combined with a exotic beautiful looks, ripped condition all over the year, excellent abs as well her legs: prefectly shaped and razor sharp thighs and calves, chest & biceps with a good muscle size wich make the greatest impact in the eyes of the fans.


Name: Monica Martin
Place of Birth: Brazil Date: December 26 (capricorn)
Home: Florida, US
Occupation: Fitness Model/Performer/Personal Trainer graduated at the University in Physical Education.
Fluent Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian.
Height: 5'4" Weight: 145L-off season/135L-pre-contest


Best lifts:
Bench: 250p, Leg-press:1250p,Curls:50p


Hair: Black Eyes: Grey


Favorite food: Sushi,Sashimi./ Favorite diet food: Oats /Favorite junk food: Vanilla Ice cream & Brownies.


Favorite colours: Black, blue, grey and red.


Hobbies: Martial Arts, Traveling, Movies, Cuisine and Internet.


Biggest turn on: Honesty, generosity,sence of humour, intelligence and politeness.


Biggest turn off: impoliteness, hypocrisy, selfishness and ignorance.


Career goals: I'm happy with all I achieved for my bodybuilding career. My goals now are focuzed in different areas of my life.


Personality: magnetic, sensual and mysterious.


Moto: "Challenge yourself"




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