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Welcome to the Page of the great looking and muscular Bodybuilder and former American Gladiator KIMBERLY "JADE" ROGERS!

(all pictures are used by Kimberly's personal permission)



Some Info about KIMBERLY:


Born:  Elkton, Maryland 8-15-69


High School Sports:  only girl on the boy's soccer team, softball, volleyball.


1st gym experience:  lifetime athlete, joined a women's fitness center during my Junior year of high school to get in shape for the Army.


I spent 6 years on active duty in the Army to earn and pay for my own college education, attained the rank of Sergeant.


I became interested in bb while in the Army and competed in my first contest, 1990 Ms Korea and won.  I was bit by the bb bug.  BB is always a challenge to be better, there is always room for improvement.


College:  graduated in 1996 with a Bachelor's Degree with the intent on teaching health and physical education.


American Gladiators:  tried out to be a contender after graduation in 1996, got hired as "Jade" to be a full time Gladiator.
Favorite event:  Powerball.....need I say more?


Best bodypart:  abs


weights-3 on/1 off training schedule, train each bodypart 1 time per week with the exception of calves and abs (3 x per week).


cardio: offseason 3-4 times per week, 30 minutes per session
contest 7 days per week, 1-2 hours per day


weight: offseason 170, contest 153-155


pets: 2 American Bulldogs, Rocky and Roxy
hobbies: working out, going out, music, helping others and being the "Ultimate Hummer Girl"
future plans: 2004 Nationals
favorite bodybuilders: Lenda Murray and Vince Taylor
favorite tv shows: Sex and the City, The Sopranos and CSI
favorite food: fajitas and candy corn
favorite drink: Margarita, 1800 doubled up, on the rocks & absolutely no salt (got to watch the sodium)
favorite web site:
favorite video: Vince Taylor's "The Quiet Storm" which can be found at
favorite date: work out, romantic dinner, go to da club, then........well use your imagination


My goal in life is to be healthy, happy, rich and also have that special someone to make my life complete.


I don't have the nutrition store anymore. I sell photos on the celebrity site 1/3 of the proceeds are donated to the American Cancer Society. Check it out.


Toys: I just bought a 2004 bright yellow Hummer H2 to go with my 2003 Harley Fatboy...the Anniversary Edition.


Next appearance: 2004 Arnold Classic


Previous Contests:
1990 Ms Korea - 1st HW and Overall
1990 NPC Armed Forces Nationals - 2nd HW
1994 NPC Delaware State Championships-1st HW & Overall
1994 NPC Keystone Classic - 1st HW & Overall
1994 NPC DC Grand Prix - 1st HW
1994 NPC Eastern Grand Prix -1st HW & Overall
1995 Delaware State Championships - 1st HW & Overall
1995 NPC Junior Nationals 3rd HW
1995 NPC Collegiate Nationals -1st HW
1995 NPC USA 9th HW
1995 NPC Gold's Gym Classic - 1st HW & Overall
1996 NPC Florida State - 2nd HW
1998 NPC Space Coast - 1st HW & Overall
2002 NPC Jr USA - 1st HW
2002 NPC Southern USA - 1st HW


My most exciting contest was this year's JR USA.  I worked very hard and it paid off.  Everyone was very supportive of my efforts.


2002:  I decided to come out of retirement because it seemed that the judges were looking for the more feminine type of physique.  I am all for it!


Best lifts:
Squat 315
Bench 225
Deadlift 300
Incline Dumbell Press - 90's (this was videotaped for an American Gladiators infomercial)
Barbell Curls - 135 lbs




KIMBERLY's Photo Gallery:


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© Photos 1-2 are courtesy of Women's Physique World

© Photos 3-5 are courtesy of Ray Martin Company

(Photos posted with permission of Bill Jentz)


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