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Welcome to the Page of the gorgeous, extremely beautiful and very muscular Italian Bodybuilder CARLA CABAU!

(all pictures are used by Carla's personal permission)



Some Info about CARLA:


Carla Cabau.
A real Christian Leo ascendant leo, as in life as in sport. 
After a ten-year agonistic carreer in bodybuilding, with national and international success, Carla is always improving her genetic potential and her presence on stage 
Step by step, she trains is striving for athletic perfection, striving to achieve her maximum goal in the sport of bodybuilding, a victory in the World Amateur Championship and a partecipation to a professional contest in the USA. 
Fans talk it all about her: She is a " jack of all trades" a sport model, still on magazines, music videos and television spots. Although under severe contest diet all year round, Carla maintains beauty, charisma, sex appeal. She is a camaleontic character going from a Tanguera of Madrid to a Gladiator of ancient Rome, from a sexy Chanteuse of Paris to a Tomb Raider as Lara Croft, from a James Bond girl to an evanescent spiritual appearance fulfilled by her mythical ancestral aurea, like a renewed Joan of Arc, Ginevra, a Templar Knight. She is capable of being any and all of these personages but she still has a look of her own, nobody resembling. Just like a wolf or a panther or a tiger, she grasps the attention of judges, audience and photographers of the world. Her fans adore the exhuding enthusiasm and vivifying emotions that she transmits all the time. She is producing her own new website, an example of artistic site, absolutely different and unique, as she is, pathing the way to virtual perfection on web and in her career.


I started to go in for different sports when I was young and lived in Spain: my speciality was athletics m 5000, then I went on with swimming and dives, then due to a problem with my ear-drum I had to stop with them. So I tried to practise free climbing, but I could not stand to remain very thin and I stopped with it definitively.


I went in for figthing sports and I have practised kick boxing for 2 years. I premise I am very fond of these kind of sports and I have been practising them nowadays too. I moved to Italy where I Worked as aerobica trainer....


When I met Alex my life changed. He convinced me to go in for competitive spirit. Bodybuilding is the sport that most gives me satisfaction in all senses.


My personal data..... 
HEIGHT: cm 170 
WEIGHT off-season: kg 76 
WEIGHT during competition: kg 71-72 
HAIR: black 
EYES: green 
ZODIACAL SIGNS: Leo ascendant Leo 
HOBBY: I love travelling and knowing different cultures. 
I love animals too and I am interested in what regards parapsichology 
...UFO...aliens, and so on. 
I practice Krav Maga (man-to-man fighting and self-defence used by 
the Israeli Army, the security forces, the special and anti-terrorism units, 
FBI, and so on...)


PROFESSION: recognized CONI-FILPJK bodybuilding trainer, 
personal trainer, fit box.


EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: I attended all the school in Spain. 
Higher qualification 3a BUBY COU


1996 and 1997 Regional Championess
1996 and 1997 North Italy Championess
1996 II classified Locarno Italy Đ Switzerland, Fitness Fair
1996 IV classified Genoa IFBB Italian Championship
1997 I classified and absolute winner at the Regional Championship
1997 I classified G.P. IFBB Selection for the Mediterranean Games 
1997 I classified IFBB Mediterranean Games 
1997 I classified IFBB Italian Championship
1997 II classified Colosseum G. P., European Selection
1998 I classified Grosser Preis von Lichtenstein, Cup of Lichtenstein
1998 I classified Costanza, Bodensee Cup
1998 II classified International Voralberger Cup, Austria
1998 Finalist G.P. Due Torri
1999 I classified G. P. Cup von Luzern, Luzern Cup
1999 VI classified Due Torri
2000 I classified Cup von Luzern
2000 I classified Voralberger Cup, Austria, 2000
2000 II classified G.P. Due Torri
2001 I classified G. P. Due Torri
2001 I classified Trofeo Athenus
2002 I classified select. European WPF
2002 Italian & European WPF Championess
2002 III classified World WPF Championess

2003 2nd Place IFBB World Championchips

2005 IFBB World Championships - 4th Place Heavyweights


Please note:

Carla does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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© Photos 7-9 are courtesy of Carlo Puzzilli



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