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Welcome to the Page of the gorgeous, attractive & very muscular NPC National Level Bodybuilder SONYA McFARLAND!

(all pictures are used by Sonya's personal permission)




Something about SONYA:


Birthdate: October 4th


Birthplace: Cleveland, Tennessee


Residents: Los Angeles, California


Height: 5ft 4in


Weight: 145 contest
172 off season


Martial Status: Married to Jeff


Occupation: Personal Trainer
Twinlab Spokesmodel
Aspiring Actress


Favorite color: Periwinkle blue


Favorite Car: BMW


Favorite music: I like all music, except country, or 
that stuff where they are screaming 
things that you can't understand.


Favorite T.V. Show: Anything that is funny, I just like comedy
shows that make me laugh and feel good.


Favorite Movie: This is hard, there are so many. Dumb & 
Dumber, Austin Powers, and Kings of Com.


Favorite Actress: Sandra Bullock


Favorite Actor: Tom Hanks


Favorite magazine: Flex


Last book read: Ross Report- How to make it in Hollywood


Describe your personality: Positive, Friendly, Thoughtful, Witty,
Passionate, Energetic, and Well Rounded.


What do people like most
about you? My kindheartedness, honesty, and since of humor.


What are your pet peeves? Rudeness, dirty dishes left in sink, empty 
containers left in refrigerator.

When did you realize that you
Wanted to get into bodybuilding? When I was 13 I told myself that I would
look like Cory Everson, or even better!


Favorite Exercise: Shoulders/Back
Least Favorite: Bicep Curls


Best Body Part: Abs & Vascularity
Least Favorite: Biceps


Describe your training routine:

Mon- Quads
Tues- Chest/Tris/Abs
Wed- Back/Cavs
Thur- Shoulders/Abs
Fri- Biceps/Hamstrings
Sat- Cardio/Cavs
Sun- Rest


Off Season: Cardio outside activites, Such as tennis, 
biking, hiking, and running steps.


Pre Contest: Cardio 1hr a day on treadmill, and then
the last 4 wks, 2hrs a day, first thing in 
morning before breakfast and then after 
weight training.


What supplements do you take: Twinlab Products!
Dual Tabs (vitamins)
Ripped Fuel
Joint Fuel
Flaxseed Oil


What do you get asked the most 
when your in the public eye? How long did it take you to look like 
that? What can I do to have a flat stomach like yours?
How much do you bench?


What is the best part about
being a bodybuilder? Achieved my dreams, looking my best, and
motivating others to get in shape as well.


What is the worst thing? Sticking to the diet for 14 straight weeks.


What is your greatest
Achievement? Becoming a mother of my two beautiful 
children, Paxton he is 11yrs, and Paige she
is 10yrs old. They are my pride & joy!!!!!


Greatest personal challenge: Keeping my strength in faith through the 
toughest times in my life. Looking out 
for myself more.


What advice could you give Someone who wants to follow In your footsteps?

Just do it for yourself and not to let others talk you out of your dreams! The best things in life will not come easy, so don't expect to make it with out giving it your very best effort. You can only be proud of something if you earn it yourself. Given something usually is taken for granted, or not appreciated. "YOU" are the only one who can make the BIGGEST impression on yourself!


On a side note:

Sonya is back into training and preparing her comeback sometime next year.


Please note:

Sonya does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




SONYA's Photo Gallery:


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© Photos 1-5 are courtesy of Tre' Scott

© Photos 10-12 are courtesy of Gene X Hwang



Video clips:


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Video clips are courtesy of Tre' Scott



Sonya can be contacted by e-mail at

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