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Welcome to the Page of the muscular and extremely beautiful NPC National Level Bodybuilder JEAN JITOMIR!

(all pictures are used by Jean's personal permission)



Some Info about JEAN:


Name: Jean Jitomir, MS, RD
Birth Date: 2/13/1982
Height: 5’ 2” on a tall day
Marital Status: Flying Solo
Current Occupation: Research Dietitian, PhD Student
Weight: 112-116 lbs on-season 120-126 lbs off-season
From: Waco, TX


2007 NPC Jr. USA 4th Lightweight Bodybuilding
2007 NPC Ronnie Coleman 2nd Lightweight Bodybuilding
2006 NPC Heart of Texas Figure 4th/14 Class A
2006 NPC Figure Nationals 14th Class A
2006 NPC Rochester Figure 1st/3 , 3rd Overall
2006 NPC Allentown Figure 7th Class A
2006 NPC Buffalo Bodybuilding 3rd Heavyweight
2005 Erie Tri-State Bodybuilding 1st Light Weight, 1st Overall
2005 JCC Bench Press Competition Best Lifter Women, Raw 145lb
2005 WNPF NYS Championship Best Lifter Women, 155 lb Raw, WNPF 123 lb weight class National Record
2005 Lewiston Bench Press Best Lifter Women, 160 Raw
2004 JCC Bench Press, Best Lifter Women
2004 Cornell University Bench Press Competition, Best Lifter Women


How long have you been training?
I have been training for physique competition for 2 years and about five years overall.


How did you get interested in bodybuilding/working out?
In high school, my math teacher allowed us to convert his classroom into a make-shift weight room after school. I got really got into it during college, mostly to feel stronger and improve my self-confidence


Do you get negative comments in reference to your muscles?
No, in fact, quite a few are surprised by how attractive female muscle can be. People do say some really interesting things, like “You look good but why do you lift weights when you could just be little and cute?”


Have you ever surprised yourself with you own strength?
I can do between 20-30 pull-ups, depending on what phase of dieting I’m in, bench 1.5 times my weight and press my weight overhead and seated. I’m very proud of my strength-- I get more comments about that than looking muscular in the gym.


How have you used your physical strength, outside the gym, when it has come in handy?
I like to joke since I switched to bodybuilding that my muscles are now “Just for show!” I only shop with a grocery basket, in theory it cuts back on impulse buys. When the strategy fails, however, my muscles are there to carry all the crap I didn’t really need in the first place.


Please note:

Jean does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




JEAN's Photo Gallery:


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© All Photos are courtesy of Dan Ray



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