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Welcome to the Page of the beautiful & very muscular NPC National Level Bodybuilder DRÉ DILLARD!

(all pictures are used by Dré's personal permission)



Some Info about DRE:


Born: Captieux, France
Home Town: Newport News, Virginia, reside in Grand Prairie TX
Contest History:1998 Lone Star: 2nd place (middleweight) novice
1999 South Texas- novice heavyweight, 2nd place, Masters division, 1st place
1999 Texas State Championships, 1st place open, heavyweight division, and overall titles
2001 Jr. Nationals, 1st place heavyweight, and overall titles
2001 Nationals, 4th place heavyweight.
2002 Nations Didn’t place
2003 Nationals 9th place heavyweight


I have been competing for about 6- years and have done extremely well. Bodybuilding is a way of life for me. Being that I am a personal trainer, I am in the gym just about all day. If I am not working out or doing cardio, I am training a client. I plan on competing until I physically can't. This is a sport where you have to absolutely love it.. there are no in between's with bodybuilding/competing.. it has to be in your soul, your heart and you must sweat blood..


It is just a shame the way that the female bodybuilders and getting treated these days. I am so very disappointed in the way that the magazines don't give us any coverage. The little coverage that we did have is now gone. FLEX has been boring to me anyway. The only reason why I would stand in the Grocery store to even read it was because of Flex N Femme. Now we don’t even have that. I cant remember the last issue that I purchased of Flex. Where is bodybuilding going for females..? Figure?


Hey, I can't even get mad. Women who compete in figure work hard too. I should know, I train some. I sometimes feel that we bring things on ourselves when it comes to bodybuilding. Taking too much shyt in the off-season is going to change the way that you physically look. Not just your body but also your face.. Let's keep it real (the only way that I know how) Why would one want to look hard in the face. Hey, I know that when I diet down my face is really sunken in; but give me a Crangrape Ocean Spray and some Snackwell cookies, and I am back to my look that I love...I am not going to keep going on about this. Become a member of my site and you can read up on a whole lot.


I am an easy person to get along with as long as I can have my way. : ) My motto is: Have a Dre' Day!!! Basically, it is Dre's way or hit the highway.


I will give you a little taste of what I'm about.


I grew up in Germany as a child. When my family moved to the states, we lived in Kentucky, Georgia, Colorado, Kansas, and Virginia. That is why I am sooo satisfied with not moving all time as an adult. I love the DFW area, and plan on retiring here.


I want to open up a personal training studio in the Dallas area in about 2 years. Helping people reach their fitness/health goals is my passion. I especially like to train people who want to lose 100# or more.


When I am not preparing for a show, I love to go to the movies, (can't do it when I am in pre-contest mode, cos I gots ta Have the popcorn with layered butter)


My favorite past time is shopping for shower gels and candles. I take about 4 baths per day. I love soaking and relaxing in the tub.. ahhhh the whole water therapy thing just makes my day.. I think that is why my skin is so soft. Even though I have muscles, I do have beautiful skin.. that is not leathery. I love shopping for shoes/boots too. I have about 400 pairs.. I recently gave 80 pairs away.


Well, let me tell you a little bit about my gym stats.
Bench: 245# for reps
Squat: 335# for reps
Deadlift 360#for reps.


I am teaching about 9 classes a week. I really do love it. Reminds me of my military days. Yes, I was in the Military for 9 years. Got out as a Captain. That is probably why I am so authoritative. I don't go around bragging about my background too much.


A lot of people think that bodybuilders are just personal trainers. Yes, I am a personal trainer but I also have a Masters Degree in Management. I chose to get out of the corporate America scene because first of all I was tired of working for someone else, and secondly, I want to be responsible for me and only me. (besides Sahsa and Scruffy; my two Shih Tzus) I had my house built when I was 30. That was a goal of mine and I did achieve it.


Anyway.. enough talk... go to my website and check me out or email me...
[email protected]


I have a chat on Wednesday nights at 10pm central


Don't forget to Have A Dre'Day!!!




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