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September 7th 2023



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Hi, valuable female bodybuilders fan! We have some good news for you:

1. First of all we have a new video with Virginia Sanchez in her best physical shape ever. Bigger, better muscle quality and density, more developed leg muscle mass. We were lucky enough to shoot with her again at the most recent contest she participated in. This video is a great one.

2. From now on, at your discretion, all our films will also have the UHD (4K) version, at an exceptional quality.

3. Of course, the production of films in UHD resolution is much more expensive and involves more effort, but we will not increase the prices, we will keep the same price range that we have been used to for years.

4. The first 20 customers will receive as a bonus an unpublished movie with Evangelina Guzman worth €18.99 absolutely for free.



Sample Video Clips:



Lavian Olteany, Raluca Raducu, Carol Alves, Oana Hreapca, Barbara Carita and more (45.6 MB)



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Estefania Moya Estefania Moya Estefania Moya Estefania Moya

Mavi Gioia Mavi Gioia Mavi Gioia Mavi Gioia

Monia Gioiosa Monia Gioiosa Monia Gioiosa Monia Gioiosa


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