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Welcome to the Page of the attractive and very muscular NPC National Level Bodybuilder RAQUEL OLIVER!

(all pictures are used by Raquel's personal permission)



Some Info about RAQUEL:


Name: Raquel Oliver
Nicknames: ROC
Birthday: October 22, 1971
Birthplace: Dallas, Texas
Current Residence: Duncanville, TX
Marital Status: Divorced
Height: 5'7"
Chest: 38 in
Quads: 25 in
Waist: 28 in
Biceps: 16 in
Calves: 15 1/2 in
Hair: Depends on the mood, at the moment its dark brown
Eyes: Brown
Off-season weight: 185 at 15% body fat
Contest weight: 160
Workout days/body parts: Day 1- Legs, Day 2- Chest, Abs Day 3- rest, Cardio Day 4- Back , calfs Day 5- shoulders, hams Day 6-ArmsContact:
[email protected]


Why I love Bodybuilding? In bodybuilding, You can sculpt a physique that you love, strut your stuff and know you look goodAnd watch yourself improve on a weekly basis. BB builds sense of self, keeping it all inPerspective, you can start to carry yourself better, feel good about yourself, and take better care of your Body inside and out.


Role Models: 
RO: In BB Juliette Bergman, In Life MAN THERE ARE SO MANY, but one person that sticks out is my instructor in College Pug Parris


Best Feature: 
RO: Personality, and My back of course


Describe your personality: 
RO: Enthusiastic, fun loving, laugh at anything, compassionate and giving.


What's been your proudest achievement? 
RO: Being a single mother and being able to build a business, a home, and compete in bodybuilding.


If you were going to be stranded on a deserted island, what would you take in these four categories?
(a) Four movies -.Tombstone, Matrix (all 3 count as one), Pretty woman, and Dirty Dancing
(b) Three musical discs - Phillips Craig and Dean, Usher, Tim McGraw (how is that for variety)
(c) Two books - A Purpose Driven Life, Some Poetry book
(d) One food - Shrimp


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
RO: Actively competing in bodybuilding and well known… Owning my own personal training studio, and Nutrition Zone Supplement Store.


What do you hope people remember about you? 
RO: My passion and sincerity, my friendly attitude and love for people


What makes a person attractive? 
RO: Intellect, beautiful smile, bright eyes, excited about life


Who is the most interesting person you've ever met? 
RO: DRE Dillard, she is funny as heck and sexy to boot!!!


Favorite Junk food:
RO: Brownies and apple Pie


What's the best advice anyone's ever given you?
RO: Dance like no ones watching


Upcoming show USA's in July
I hope to come in and fare well at the USA's I know I have the geneitcs to bring in agreat physique. I just have to diet hard and come in hard and lean, and not worry about my size. I have great support and encouragement from Dre DIllard, Sheilahe Brown, Bonny Priest, and who can forget Alan Lewis!


With them in my corner and my hard work, things should be great for me this year. It is so important to me to be muscular and retain my feminine flair. I dont want to sacrifice and beautiful person inside and out, for bodybuilding, but boy do I LOVE muscularity.


Thanks to everyone that has ever backed me in the past. Thanks to Nutrition ZOne for all of the help. Ronnie you are awesome.


Email: [email protected]




RAQUEL's Photo Gallery:


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© All Photos are courtesy of Mike Eckstut



Video clips:


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Raquel can be contacted by e-mail at:

[email protected]


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