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Welcome to the Page of the very attractive and beautifully muscled Spanish Fitness Champion and former Bodybuilder PALOMA PARRA!

(all pictures are used by Karen's personal permission)



Some Info about PALOMA:


Where and when were you born?
Madrid 1966.


What is your profession?
Cheif of export for nutritional company, Nutrytec. Personal trainer. Instructor of Pilates, spinning and aerobic classes.


Were you involved in sports or fitness prior to bodybuilding and how did you get started with weight training?
I have always been doing sports all my life and have for example palyed semi-professional fotball in Real Madrid. Other sports have been for example baseball and Thai Boxing.


Was it a goal for you to compete in bodybuilding competitions right from the beginning or was it something that grew in your mind as time went on and you saw the progress in your body?
When I started training bodybuilding/fitness, it was clear pretty soon I was going to compete.


Can you give me your competition history?
1996 3rd Spanish Cahmpionship IFBB Bodybuilding.
1997 1st Spanish Championship IFBB Bodybuilding.
1998 3rd Olympia National IFBB Bodybuilding.
1998 2nd Spanish Championship IFBB Bodybuilding.
2000 1st European Championship IFBB Bodybuilding.
2000 3rd Olympia National IFBB Bodyfitness.
2001 1st Spanish Championship WABBA Fitness.
2001 1st World Championship WABBA Fitness.
2002 2nd World Championship WABBA Fitness.
2004 2nd World Championship WABBA Fitness.
2004 1st Olympia National Fitness.
2004 1st and overall Ms Universe. NABBA Fitness.


Which contest has been your biggest success; which has had the most meaning to you?
The Spanish Championship title 2001 meant the most for me, since it was dedicated to my father. Ms Universe title in 2004 was very important to me also.


Please tell me something about your training routine (ie: how many days per week / training split /cardio, etc.)
Monday: Quads, calves, abs, cardio
Squats 4x12
Leg press 4x12
Leg extensions 4x12
Seated calf rises 4x30
Standing calf rises 4x30
20 min circuit training for abs.
1 spinning class
1 pilates class


Tuesday: Hamstrings, glutes, cardio
Leg curl 4x12
Seated leg curl 4x12
Standing leg curl 4x12
Sumo squats 4x12
Lunges 4x12
Abd and adductor machine 4x15
Power training class
Spinning class
Abdominal class
Body-tonic class


Wednesday: Biceps, triceps, shoulders, cardio
Trisets 4x10
Barbell curl – triceps extension – shoulder press
Hammer curl – French press – laterals
High pulley curls – triceps extension in cable cross with inverted grip – post delt
Stretching class
Pilates class
Spinning class


Thursday: Chest, back, cardio, glutes
Superset 4x12
Incline dumbell press – lat pulldown behind the neck
Pec-deck – rowing
Crossover – lat pulldown with narrow grip
Machine presses – Bent rowing
Power training class
Spinning class
Abdominal class
Body-tonic class
Sumo squats 4x12
“Glute-kick” 4x12
Abd and adductor machine 4x12


Friday: Quads, hamstring, cardio
Superset 4x12
Squats – leg curl
Leg press – standing leg curl
Leg extensions – dead lift
Stretching class
Abdominal class
Spinning class


What is your favorite exercise in the gym and which one you don’t like so much?
My favorite exercise is the squat. I do not like calf exercises so much.


Which body part is your best in your opinion?
Upper back, shoulders and arms. That is why I train them in superset with not so heavy weight so they will not get to big for fitness.


If you don’t mind would you give me some stats (best lifts and some body measurements)?
10 reps on 92.5 kilos in bench press. 10 reps on 140 kilos in squats. I have not measured body parts.


What do you enjoy about training for competition....what do you enjoy about the 'off season'?
I really do not have off season. The weight training and cardio is about the same and in off season I am only 2 kilos away from competition weight. The basic diet is always good and when I am pre-contest I just take away soya yogurt (my cheat food). So during the whole season I am in good shape and can always represent Nutrytec in a good way. The most important thing for me with training is to be healthy.


Please describe a typical day in the life of Paloma Parra.
Training takes a lot of time as you can see...LOL. I work as Cheif of exports for Nutrytec with lots of international contacts from my office. I also travel a lot.


Please tell me about what you do when you don’t work out ( hobbies, what do you do to relax?, etc.)
I like to be with my very good friends and relax and go out eating and dancing. I also like to travel a lot.


What do you enjoy most about the bodybuilding/fitness lifestyle?
For me, the most important thing is to be healthy. Competition is fun and important, but I would train as hard and have a good diet even if I did not compete.


Tell me something interesting about yourself, something people may be surprised to hear.
That I have been semi professional in Real Madrid in fotball (soccer).


What are your competition goals or personal future goals?
To win Nabba/Wabba world championships and Universe. To succeed in making Nutrytec of of the biggest supplement companies in Europe. To have a happy life with my boyfriend!


Please note:

Paloma does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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