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Welcome to the Page of the very attractive & muscular NPC National Level Bodybuilder RHONDA DETHLEFS!

(all pictures are used by Rhonda's personal permission)



Some Info about RHONDA:


My name is Rhonda Dethlefs, 27 years old. I was born and raised in Washington.


I am a personal trainer, and mother of two.


I started lifting in 97 with the intention of just doing it for a week as I kept with it I saw drastic changes in my physique. I went to a bb competition a year later and thought it would be attainable. I placed 3rd in my first show.


I am a mother of two so that keeps me very busy. My youngest is 3 years old. Right now I am back into competing so my typical day consists of training, and dieting, that is when im not busy with the family.


Some best lifts: 390lb squat, 1300lb leg press, 120lb curl, 325lb straight leg deadlift biceps:15.5in, waist: 29in, quads: 25 in, calves 16in


My training in the off season and on season are about the same. I always lift as heavy as possible. In the on season I pay more attention to abs, cardio and rest less in between sets. My other interests are art (I love to paint when i get time) and gemology.


Current Stats:
birthdate 6/75
off season weight 182
contest weight 155


Measurements taken off season:
Biceps 16 in
Chest 43 in
Waist 31 in
Thighs 27 in
Calves 17 in


Take about an inch off of everything...2 inches off thighs, during contest season.


Best Lifts:
Curl 120
Bench 225
Squat 390
Straight leg deadlift 315
Leg press 1350 sometimes for reps...cant fit any more on the machine!!


Current Training Split: 6 Days
Glute/ Hams
Bis/ Tris


Calves have been a weak point for me so Ive been training them 4 days a week, and abs every other day. Also have been giving special attention to my lats, and delts.


For cardio I do 20-30 min of high intensity interval training on the treadmill. For contest prep, I do this 5 days a week, off season..I cut the time down to 15 min and only do it 3 days a week.


Contest History:
2004 NPC Team Universe 6th place Heavyweight (TIED for 5th)
2004 NPC Weider Emerald Cup- 2nd Place Heavyweight 
2003 NPC Team Universe 5th pl heavyweight 
2003 NPC Oregon Ironman Naturally 1st pl open heavyweight
2003 NPC Empire Classic 1st pl open heavyweight and overall
2003 NPC Weider Emerald Cup 4th pl open heavyweight
2003 NPC Vancouver Natural Classic 3rd pl open heavyweight
1999 NPC Inland Pacific Natural Classic 3rd pl open heavyweight




RHONDA's Photo Gallery:


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© Photos 9-12 have been taken by myself



Video clips:


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