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Welcome to the Page of the beautiful, very muscular NPC National Level Bodybuilder KIM BERGMAN!

(all pictures are used by Kim's personal permission)



Some Info about KIM:


Personal Information
Married, No Children

Birth Place/ Date
Alabama, 1965

Biology Teacher

Activities Before Weightlifting
Competitive swimmer; Cheerleader

Getting Started
When I first started dating my husband, we would always end up at they gym. I figured I might as well make the best of my time there. At first it was just for fun… something to have in common with my husband. But, after I went with him and watched as he competed in power lifting and bodybuilding competitions, I started getting ideas of my own!!! I went back to the gym with power lifting in mind since I recognized that I was already as strong as most of the girls I saw in the power meets even though I wasn’t yet training seriously. I was hooked.

First Competitions
My first competitions were in power lifting. I entered three, and placed first in all three…. 1996 USPL Alabama State (best lifter)
1997 APA Nationals (best lifter)
1998 WPA World Championship (181 lb class winner)

Bodybuilding History
After all that heavy lifting, I felt I had enough muscle mass to begin bodybuilding.
1998 NPC Heart of Dixie — heavy weight and over-all
1998 NPC Coastal USA — heavy weight and over-all
1998 NPC Nationals — top 15 heavy weight
1999 NPC Alabama Championship — heavy weight and over-all
2004 NPC Gold’s Gym Classic — 2nd heavy weight class
2004 NPC Master’s Nationals — 3rd heavy weight class
2005 NPC Jr. USA — 2nd heavy weight class
2005 NPC American Classic — 1st heavy weight & overall
2006 NPC Jr. USA — 1st heavy weight
2006 North American Championship--6th heavy weight

2007 NPC Jr. Nationals - 2nd heavyweight class

2007 NPC Alabama Bodybuilding Championships - 1st heavyweight class

2007 NPC North American Championships - 5th heavyweight class

2007 NPC Jr. Nationals - 2nd place heavyweights
2007 IFBB North American Championships - 5th place heavyweights

A Typical Day
Morning cardio
Teaching science
Weight lifting
Cooking and preparing food for next day
Evening cardio
Relaxing a few moments with my husband and dogs
Bed—so I can get up early and start all over again!!!

I enjoy training heavy. I think that comes from my years as a power lifter.
I do something EVERY day. There is really never an off day for me.
I usually train each body part once a week… sometimes more.
I use a power-lifting based routine and always incorporate heavy bench, deadlifts, and squats, although I never max-out anymore.
I train as heavy as I safely can all the way up to competitions.
The main difference is my precontest training is the diet changes.

Best Lifts
Squat—475 lbs
Bench—250 lbs
(although I recently have hit 5 reps with 240lbs, so I’m sure that would go up If I dared a max attempt.)
Deadlift—505 lbs

Best Body Parts
I get the most compliments on my back and delts.

2007 Plans
My plans are to hit a couple of the National shows again this year.
You never know where I might show up!


Please note:

Kim does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




KIM's Photo Gallery:


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