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Utopia Entertainment produces superb quality videos and DVD's of sexy, artistic posing videos and clips.  The Utopia Member's area offers hundreds of movie clip downloads and stills.  Kip Scott, the creator of Utopia Entertainment, is a career director and video editor.  He has worked on literally hundreds of commercials, Infomercials, and music videos, and brings his experience and excellence into the female bodybuilding and wrestling genre.  For more information write to Kip at:
[email protected] or call 216-991-6636.  Visit Utopia Entertainment on-line at:





Lyndsay Dejager  Allison Moyer  Betty Atkins-Viana  Katka Kyptova

Fawnia Mondey  Colette Nelson  Dorothy Trojanowicz  Danielle Rouleau

Mari Kudla  Catherine Holland  Gretchen  Lilla




Sample Video clips:


Vanessa Adams (47.7 MB)  Catherine Holland (35.3 MB)



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