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Welcome to the Profile Page of the muscular and great looking DAWN MARIE O'BRIEN!

(all pictures are used by Dawn's personal permission)



Some Info about DAWN:


Dawn Marie O’Brien is the president/founder of a fast-growing organization called
“Dawn’s Heartfelt Corner.” In 2000, she was in a very dangerous car crash and almost died. A drunk driver slammed into the right side of her vehicle which left her with catastrophic consequences and almost killed her.

Dawn had to have brain surgery on the right side of her brain because she was hemorrhaging real badly. The doctors shaved the whole right side of her hair and told her husband that she may not live. They said if Dawn lives she will not remember anything from her past. She can remember everything and there is no trace of amnesia! It’s a miracle she is alive.

Her goals are to encourage others to take care of their bodies by prayer, having faith, eating healthy and exercising in our busy lives we live. Go on her website and read her whole testimony. She keeps very busy with her non-profit organization and she has over 25 books soon to be published. Dawn has been featured on TV, Radio and in Magazines. You may go on her website and check it out at:

Dawn is a fitness model for Jillian Michael’s website and writes articles for She is a model on model mayhem MM#1505638. [email protected]

Physical fitness has always played a very important role in her life, staying healthy and in shape. When she was younger she spent several years learning in the gym, reading books, articles and magazines about physical fitness/nutrition. We live such busy lifestyles and don’t get the proper nutrition/exercise that is needed to stay healthy. We then get sick and want a quick fix but God has taught us how to eat and it is important we take care of our temples.




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