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Welcome to the Page of the incredibly muscular and very attractive Brazilian Bodybuilder LUCIANA ANDRADE!

(all pictures are used by Luciana's personal permission)



Some Info about LUCIANA:


Hello, my name is Luciana Andrade and I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I now live and work in New York City as a personal trainer. I was always involved in physical activities since I was a young girl in Brazil. I played soccer and studied ballet and jazz dance and karate and at 13 I started weight training because my legs were so skinny and other kids at school used to make fun of me! In the beginning, I just wanted to make my legs more proportionate with my body, but I became so involved and passionate about the sport that I ended up competed at 19 years of age. That was my first show and I took first place! I got so excited and motivated that I competed a few more times and took first place in various competitions. Unfortunately, I had to stop, because it is very expensive and in Brazil there is not much opportunity for female bodybuilders to get sponsors, etc…

Presently, I train six times a week. I find that I get the best results by shocking my muscles, so I really don’t have a set routine every week. I always change the body parts, exercises, sets and reps so that I always feel sore the next day! Hehe I realize that cardio and diet are also very important, so I eat right and try to do cardio at least four times a week.

My favorite exercise is squats. I LOVE training legs. Can’t you tell? Hehe I squat 10 reps with about 500lbs and my legs are 26”.
I don’t like to train shoulders much because they tend to get very pumped and I don’t like the way I look with big shoulders. 

I like the way my body looks while training for competition, especially my abs and veins. During the off season, I like my strength and that fact that I can eat a lot more. I LOVE to eat!

I’m a very quiet person. Most of my time is spent in the gym training myself and my clients. I love being in the gym. I don’t enjoy going out much at night. I prefer going to the beach with friends in the summer and in the colder weather, I like movies, restaurants, etc…

I enjoy the discipline of the bodybuilding lifestyle. I have everything on a schedule and keep it all organized. I also enjoy the contact with other serious bodybuilders in and out of the gym. We all tend to get along and help each other out.

Something people might be surprised to hear about me is that I have a secret fantasy to be a singer. I love to sing in the shower and pretend that I am on a stage with thousands of fans. I don’t think my voice is that good, so I will stick to bodybuilding.

I may try to do a show in the middle of this year. It depends on a lot of things, so we’ll see. I’m training hard and you never know what stage I might appear on!




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