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Welcome to the Profile Page of the beautiful and pretty muscular Czech Bodybuilder LADA PLIHALOVA!

(all pictures are used by Lada's permission)



Some Info about LADA:


Name: Lada Plihalova
Age: 29
Zodiac Sign: Lion/Virgo – yes I am both

Nationality: Czech
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Status: Engaged

Occupation: Assistant of manager, Personal coach (part time)
Personal website: www.ladaplihalova.
Personal weblog: On that sites too.

Highest weight offseason : 154 lbs
Average weight in competitions: 115 -125 lbs

Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Brown

Height: 5´4.5“
Biceps: 13.8“
Thighs: 24“ (biggest 25.7“ )
Calves: 15.8“
Chest: 40.2“
Waist: 24“ (yes, really the same as one thigh
J , smallest was 20.7“ in 2004 competitions)
Hips: 33“

Lifting stats:
Benchpress: 164lbs
Deadlift: 220 lbs
Squats: 253 lbs

fitness, bodybulding, high hiking, mountaineering, horse riding, runing (WOW a new hobby for me
J I have official 3,1 race in time 30.37) swimming,traveling, writing articles or novels, creating jewellery, drawing and painting pictures (mainly fantasy) ….

Social and Culture Antropology – University of Pilsen
International Studies and Medial Studies. – University of Pilsen
European Union Administrative – Charles University in Prague
Diplomatic studies - graduated in the grade „diplomatic attaché“ - Academy of Diplomacy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Prague

Personal Coach License: Coach School of Peter Stach, Prague

How I Started: A lot of girls comes to the gym to be leaner or tighter. I was an exception - I came to have muscles. I was 14 years old kid - and I wanted to look like Corey Everson.
Why I Love It: I dont know - I have it under my skin. Something what leads me the direction forward.
How I Stay Motivated: I love it on the one side and on the other side I hate it - all in one moment. Probbably bodybuilding is a part of me, inside of me, and simply belongs to me like a bad habbit
BB Accomplishments: That I was able to compete - whether I was good or bad.

Motivation quotes: " CREDENDO VIDES - By believing, one sees."
"I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A bird will fall frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself. - G.I.Jane"
Early years – teenage class (IFBB/EBFF)
1996 Teenage Regional Championship of the Czech Republic – 4th in lightweight bodybuilding
1996 Teenage National Championship of the Czech Republic -5th in lightweight bodybuilding
1997 Teenage Regional Championship of the Czech Republic – 2nd in lightweight bodybuilding
1997 Teenage National Championship of the Czech Republic – 2nd in lightweight bodybuilding
1999 Teenage Regional Championship of the Czech Republic – 4th in heavyweight bodybuilding
Small competitions – not affiliated:
2004 – several smaller competitions:Dream Figure – transformation contest – 1st; GP World of Bodybuilding – 1st open bodybuilding class
2005 – Muscle and Fitness „Biceps Clash“ – 1st (49 reps in 1 minute limitation with 33lbs barbell)
Open competitions – various federations:
2006 – GP Atlas - 5th in open Figure competition (IFBB/EBFF)
2007 – World Cup (Bulgary) – 8th in open Figure competition (WFF-BNFF)
2007 - Miss and Mr. Universe NAC – 5th in Physique (bodybuilding) class (NAC)

2009 - Powerlifting:
National benchpress championship - 1st in weight class women to 67kg (GPC)
Raw international competition - 2nd place in joined class (Open)
New years push-pull marathon - 1st in teams and 2nd in individuals (Open)
2009- Bodybuilding:
NABBA Czech Nationals 2009 - 2nd in Figure class (one class only, NABBA)
World championship 2009 - 4th in Figure II class (NABBA)

Well, what to say more than is on my sites and in my profile? I started very young, but I never thought about sport career. I only wanted to have muscles as I love the V shape and nice round curves on both females and males bodies. And I wished to build my physique this way too.
I had good years and really bad years. I became known in Teenage division very soon and in 1997 I was second in the National teenage championship. I was in B-team of our National teenage team. But I had the injury of the left knee and I was one year out. Than I tried to manage the comeback but I had not good conditioning. I am not blaming anyone, who helped me that time – as usually I was alone – no coach, no support, and no help. I did a lot of foolish things than. In 2000 I had scary injury, when I felt from the horse (as you may see horse riding is still my passion too) and the horse went over me… It took one year to get back to the gym, but next two years to come back in some small magazine based competitions…. I won them all and I thought it was my biggest success. But I see it was also a big failure as maybe I started to be too „blinded“by the shine of success …. The big bump came in 2006 on my first open Figure competition. I was not in a good shape again, as I was ill before and I had only 3 weeks to prepare and to lose 22 lbs… But nobody asks about illnesses when you are on stage. I got a plenty of hatefull responses and I was decided to stop this sport and do this only for myself as I can not live without training.

In 2007 there was the Luck on my side again. I got invitations abroad and I was competing in Bulgaria and in Germany – and mainly the Universe in Germany was the greatest show I ever was on. Bulgarian GP was rather smaller and „family atmosphere“, but also nice. I met a lot of great girls there… I did not win any of those, but I loved it.

In 2008 – bad luck turn was here – I got a very serious illness which affected my kidneys and muscles. It came from average urinal infection I overcame during the precontest. I spent 5 days in the hospital – 3 days fully paralyzed between life and death. I realized how important is everything for me, including my family and my fiancé, who was there with me all the time. I realized that life and health is a gift. However after those five days I returned home from the hospital – despite doctors wanted me to stay there. But I was next three months at home and without any training. Next three months I was getting back to the starting point….

Now I hope my bad luck is away. I started precontest few weeks ago – yes – full 9 months; as illness uncovered also my thyroid gland problems
J . I hope to survive that and to come in 2009 prepared again.


Now I hope my bad luck is away. I started precontest few weeks ago – yes – full 9 months; as illness uncovered also my thyroid gland problems J . I hope to survive that and to come in 2009 prepared again.In 2009 my bad luck was away. I started precontest in September 2008 - full 9 months. In January I had a small set back when I had terrible back pains during nights. Sport doctor found that I have not fully developed two vertebraes in my spine. It is a congenital defect but I never had problems with that because my body build muscles around the weak point. After one month of fully rehabilitation on rehab clinique I was able to train again and I felt so fine that I tried also benchpress competitions. I benched 200 lbs raw and won my class on Benchpress Nationals GPC in March. In June I competed in NABBA Czech on NABBA Nationals and got 2nd place. I was also nominated to National team for 2009 World Championship and one week later I started in Figure II on that competition in Slovakia. There was 12 girls in my class and I got 4th place there - what is a thing I never thought will be.

After World Championship thyroid gland troubles came again. I had to take a break for two months. In September I competed on international raw benchpress meet and I got 2nd place out of 9 girls (with attempt 176lbs). In December on New Years push-pull marathon we won with the girls team over three men teams in the total Nr. of reps with 154lbs deadlift and 77lbs benchpress.... And I placed 2nd in individuals with 98 reps deadlift and 140 reps benchpress. That was the last strenght competition that year.

I started this year with the idea to compete in September 2010, but I had money/health troubles again all the time so I decided I will take one year break. I will support my fiance Daniel on his first show. I am also one of organizers for our 2010 NABBA Nationals - so right now trying to manage sponsors for this competition (what is a bit irony, when nobody wants to sponsor me). And I will work for my bodybuilding friends backstage.

I started to enjoy my life with my friends (not only) around bodybuilding. We started to manage regullar trainings during weekends, I was present at one fashion photoshooting, I was present as "sport celebrity" on some promoactions.... so I a right now enjoying the life, cheat food and looking forward to 2011 - I only hope my health will be better and my money situation will be better too, to may try a comeback again.

Please note:
Lada does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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