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Welcome to the Profile Page of the massive muscular & attractive Brazilian Bodybuilding Champion SIMONE SOUSA do VALE BASILIO!

(all pictures are used by Simone's personal permission)



Some Info about SIMONE:


Simone Sousa do Vale Basilio


Born in 11/04/78, in Rubi, Minas Gerais, Brazil 
Age: 27 years old
Brown hair and brown eyes 
In contest: 149-154 pounds
Off-season: 154-176 pounds
Height: 5,3
6 years (serious) in bodybuilding 
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I am personal trainer and professor in my gym in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.


I started in bodybuilding to keep health and be bether estheticly.


I didin’t know what was bodybuilding, but with my good performance my instructor incentive me to continue. In my mind I liked and saw pictures of bodybuilding women with powerfull bodies and it incentive me more.


I won the brazilian championship two times: 2000/2002.


Training routine:
In off-season I do 15 or 30 minutes/day of bike.
I train 4 or 5 times a week depend my emotional.
The method I use is “muscular confusion”. I change my exercises every day. In off I do one time for week every muscular group, I train hard. The repetitions about 6 and 12. I prefer basic exercises and dumbbells. In this way I don’t exercise directly the abs. My favorite exercise is triceps pushdowns and I like very much my legs.


A powerful training:
monday: chest - incline dumbbell presses, dumbbell flyes, dumbbell presses, cable crossovers
tuesday: legs - squat, leg extension, leg-press ,alternate squat. calves - standing twin, seated twin
wednesday: shoulders – lateral elevation with dumbbells, frontal elevation with dumbbells, bent laterals, upright rows
thursday: back – standing rowst, one-arm dumbbell rowst, front pulldowns, seated rowst. 
Friday: arms - curls with bar, standing alternate dumbbell curls, preacher curls, seated concentration curls, incline lying cambered bar extension, pushdowns, french extension, supino fechado. legs – seated flexion, standing flexion, stiff


My body:
biceps =42 cms 
leg = 68 cms 
calve= 42 cms


Some esercises:
presses = 242 lbs
squat 440 lbs
leg press = 1320 lbs


Nutrition and supplements:
I always use baked potatoes, rice, pasta and some bread. I don’t use integral rice, and I don´t like vegetables. I like chest chicken, fish and red flesh without fat. I use glutamine, HMB anti catabolic and Whey Protein. In off-season, I eat everything but I am very cautelous with foods without protein e with fat. In contest time I am very serious with my alimentation.


My day:
I wake up early and go to make dinner, I care with my animals and my plants. 
At night I go to the gym, later I take a shower and see a movie, I always go to bad late. 
I adore watch movies e listening music, Internet, sleep and go to church at sunday.


I am friendly, simple, humilde, patient e responsable, I believe in God and I know I strong with him. I know I can do anything with God in my heart. He is the biggest. I want to go to world championship and I know I will.


Latest NEWS

Ms. Universe 2006: 3rd Place


Please note:

Simone does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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