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Welcome to the Page of the attractive and very muscular NPC National Level Bodybuilder PAM SHEALY!

(all pictures are used by Pam's personal permission)



Some Info about PAM:


I was born on February 14, 1969 in Columbia, SC. I have lived in SC my entire life.


I am co-owner of BODY TECH: Health, Fitness, & Sports Medicine in Lexington, SC. In addition to managing the day-to-day operations, I work as an Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer, and Nutritional Consultant. I transitioned to this career in 1996 after four years working as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, specializing in Mental Health and Cardiac Rehabilitation. I am also an elected member of the SC Governors Council on Physical Fitness, an active member of the SC Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity, and an American College of Sports Medicine HFI certification lecturer.


My education includes:
MS in Exercise Physiology from the University of South Carolina (USC), 2001
M.Ed. in Rehabilitation Counseling from USC, 1993
BA in Psychology & Minor in Art History from Winthrop College, 1991


Before college, I played softball for recreational leagues and church teams. In high school however, I was more involved in academics and band (clarinet and saxophone). Although I only played college softball my freshman year, I stayed active with aerobic classes and tennis. After college, I joined my first gym as a way to manage my bodyweight, stay active, and expend extra energy. I discovered weight training at this time, and, WOW, instant love. I enjoyed challenging my body with every set in every workout. Over time, I learned more about the body, how it responds to weights vs. cardio, and the role of nutrition. After 14 years, I am still learning.


I was introduced to bodybuilding through reading magazines and then attending a local competition. After encouragement from the gym owner, I entered my first competition in 1992—the SC State Bodybuilding Championships in which I placed 1st in the lightweights. My competition history is as follows:
1993 SC State Bodybuilding Championships, 1st LW
1993 MidCarolina, 1st LW and Overall
1994 Dixie, 2nd LW
1996 Jr. Nationals, 5th LW
1999 Mountaineer, 1st LW
2000 Mountaineer, 1st LW
2001 Jr. USAs, 5th LW
2001 Jr. Nationals, 7th LW
2002 Jr. USAs, 2nd MW
2003 Jr. USAs, 3rd MW
2003 SC State BB & Fitness Championships, 1st MW and Overall
2003 USAs, 4th LW
2004 USA, 2nd LW

2005 USA, 2nd LW

2007 North American, 3rd MW

2007 NPC Nationals, 12th MW


On a typical weekday, I train clients from 6am to 12pm, and then again from 5pm to 10pm. Between 12 noon and 5pm, I will workout, do office work, run errands, and, on occasion, take a nap. Though, I train clients on Saturday, Sunday, as of recent, is a day of rest.


I train 4-5 days a week, working each muscle group once in that week. I change my workouts every week in terms of exercise, sequences, and rep schemes. Though I log every workout, I focus on intensity by establishing and maintaining a mind-muscle connection. I perform cardio at a minimum in the “off-season; however, it significantly increases before a competition—1-2 hours/day. Besides cardio, nutrition is the only other variable that changes precontest.


My favorite exercises are bench press and deadlifts. I am not as excited about abdominal work and cardio. Overall, I love everything about weight training and cannot imagine a day without it.


Most importantly, the bodybuilding lifestyle has made its greatest impact on my health, fitness, and general well-being. I have developed not only strength of body, but of mind as well. It is a lifestyle that requires daily discipline, dedication, and commitment to hard work, which carries over into other aspects of my life, such as business and relationships. Bodybuilding has rewarded me with the confidence and courage to explore my genetic potential, to challenge self-perceived and culturally imposed barriers, and to create the shape, definition, and proportion that only muscular development can provide.


With all that said, contest day is a bonus. It is a marker by which to assess my progress on this remarkable journey. I feel honored to be there and stand on stage with so many women who I admire and who share similar ideals as me. Yes, it would be great to win. However, I focus on being the best I can be on that day. What will be—will be.


Please note:

Pam does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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