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Welcome to the Page of the attractive and very muscular NPC National Level Bodybuilder K.C. INLOW!

(all pictures are used by KC's personal permission)



Some Info about K.C.:


Birthdate;  November 25

Birthplace/current residence:  Santa Monica, CA/ Santa Cruz, CA

Marital status.  Single

Height/weight   5’6   125 – 135

Occupation/education:  I have a BA in business.  I am a business/sales consultant for the largest beauty supply distributor in the United States.

Federation/Sponsors:  World Associaton of Bench Press and Deadlifters (WABDL), National Physique Committee (NPC)/  Max Muscle, Capitola, CA

I played competitive voleyball and tennis in college and starting lifting weights back in our college gym.. but I didn’t start lifting seriously until 1994. It was never my intent when I first started lifting weights to compete, but as I progressed thru the years people started recognizing my hard lean muscle and I was getting questions almost daily about workouts, nutrition and do I compete?  I thought I would give it a try.


Competition history. (POWERLIFTING) I joined the WABDL in September 2002 and have competed in 5 contests; two were World Championship events. The very first time I competed I  received two (3rd) place trophies for Bench and Deadlift and was so excited because this qualified me for my first World competition in Reno NV in November 2002, which I took a 2nd place in Deadlift with 319.5 lbs. and a 3rd in Bench with 148.75 . My next competition was in February 2003 in Monterey, CA.  I took (2) first place trophies with a Bench of 154.2 and a 325. Lb deadlift,. which qualified me again for the 2003 World Championship in Vegas. My next competition was in Sacramento, CA where my lifts did not take on much progression… I came in 2nd with a Deadlift of 314. Lbs. and a bench of 159.7.  But I want back to the gym and worked super hard knowing the World’s were just around the corner in December in Las Vegas.  On December 11, 2003 I stood up on stage and broke (2)State, National and World records coming in with a bench of 177.3 and a deadlift of 347.0.!!!!  I was on top of the world…my excitement was so beyond words…and I felt so proud to have come so far in little over a year.


Competition history (BODYBUILDING).  I joned the NPC in May of 2004 and competed in the Contra Costa  NPC National Qualifier  Bodybuilding Championships.  I entered as a Middleweight weighing in at 130 lbs.and took a 3rd place trophy in the Open division for my very first bodybuilding contest.  I recently competeted in another NPC National Qualifier on Saturday November 20, 2004 at the Las Vegas Classic at the Riviera Hotel.   I entered the Open division as a Middleweight at 135 lbs.; and won my class which qualifies me to to a National Contest in 2005.

Future Competition Plans for 2005:  USA National Bodybuilding Championship in Las Vegas, NV on July 30, 2005.  I will compete in the Middleweight division. (only one winner…only one woman will receive their I.F.B.B. Pro Card.!!


Favorite Music:  Ludacris, Nelly, Linkin Park, Limp Biskit,

Hobbies:  When I’m not training or working, I enjoy snowboarding and wakeboarding. I love fast old muscle cars, and motorcycles.

Favorite Food:  I love to BBQ…steak is my favorite!

Words of Wisdom:  Live your life with intregity.   Believe you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.  Know that your life is created and sustained by the hard work of personal growth and the discipline of a life lived actively in hope.  We are not a little powerful, we are enormously powerful.


National Magazine Publications in which I’ve appeared:

May 2001 – On Fitness Magazine

September 2002 – On Fitness Magazine

December 2003 – Budweiser Poster Girl

February 2004 – Max Magazine

April 2004 – Monster Muscle Magazine

October 2004 – Street Chopper Magazine

May 2005 – Hot Rod Bikes Magazine


My typical day consists of getting up at 6:00 AM. Mixing a protein drink of my choice… and starting work. I work at home and in the field. My job is very demanding and requires a lot of organization and planning each and every day. I work an average of 9 hours/day….
I eat breakfast at 9:00 and get out the door to start my day at 10:00 to go call on my accounts. As a salesperson in the car all day my meals need to be thought out daily and packed in a big cooler. I need to eat about 6 times before I get to the gym at 5:30-6:00. I train very hard with heavy weights about 2 hours a day 6 days a week and I consume massive amounts of protein daily for maximum muscle strength and growth. I get home around 8:00 PM eat dinner and sit down at my corporate computer and go over my business that I did for the day. I manually enter every order that I take every day it takes about 2 hours and….. I answer my e.mails from my fans every night too.


My favorite bodypart to train is LEGS !!! I hit them twice a week…I break up the hamstring and quads on separate days.


Please note:

K.C. does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




K.C.'s Photo Gallery:


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© Photos 1-8 are taken by myself

© Photos 9-12 are courtesy of Physique Modeling



Video clip:


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Video clip on the left is taken by myself

Video clip on the right is courtesy of Physique Modeling



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