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Welcome to the Page of the extremely attractive and beautifully muscled Figure Competitor COURTNEY MORLEY!

(all pictures are used by Courtney's personal permission)



Some Info about COURTNEY:


First of all. Thanks to the most important people in my life; my family and friends. Without their support I would not be where I am with my education or competition success.


Eyes: Gray
Hair: Black
Height: 5'2"
Weight: Contest-120 Off-Season 130


Associate in Arts
RN Student working towards masters degree in nursing


Profession: LPN
Personal Trainer/nutrition Consultant
Fitness Model and figure competitor


Hobbies: Riding my Harley! Spending time with family and friends, playing with my two labs, curling up on the couch and watching a good movie! And, I definitely cannot leave out my 10 hour shopping days at the mall with my mom!


Future Aspirations: Career wise, I am working towards my master degree in nursing and I hope to be a nurse practitioner in a physician's office. As far as competing goes, I have been between bodybuilding and figure since I was 16! I plan to compete in figure competitions with the goal of obtaining a pro card! In my "spare time" (maybe after school!) I would like to travel to different countries and see the rest of the States I have not traveled to.


Favorite Colors: Pink, red, and Black Favorite Musical Groups: I don't have one! I like everything; it just depends on my mood! Favorite TV shows: CSI, House, The Sopranos Favorite contest season meal: Oatmeal Pancakes Favorite cheat food: Ice Cream!!! Favorite exercise: I truly love almost everything in the gym, so it's hard to pick one.but if I had to-incline dumbbells on chest day- I love that burn! Least favorite exercise: Anything on leg day. I have a super bad lower back and I hate the back pain the next day! Gym pet peeves: Inconsiderate people; somehow they are strong enough to stack all the weight on, but cant' get it off? Turn ons: Considerate, honest, and truly genuine people.


Gym stats:
Squats: 200 lbs. for max for a set of 6---can't go heavy because of the back problem Bench Press: 185lbs. for max rep, 150 lbs. for sets of 12 Barbell Curls: 60bs. for sets of 20 or more (and always proper form!)


Please note:

Courtney does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




COURTNEY's Photo Gallery:


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© Photos 1-2 are courtesy of Gene X Hwang

© Photos 3-5 are courtesy of J.T. Litrell

© Photos 6-8 are courtesy of Tre' Scott

© Photos 9-10 are courtesy of James Cook



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