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Welcome to the Page of the attractive & beautifully muscled National Level Bodybuilder HOLLY NICHOLSON!

(all pictures are used by Holly's personal permission)



Some Info about HOLLY:


I was born in San Diego, July 2nd 1960.


I live in Las Vegas NV, and have been here for about 24 yrs.


I am an Engineer/Paramedic with the Clark County Fire Dept. We cover metropolitan Las Vegas, all itís surrounding areas and the river in Laughlin, NV.


I have been into lifting weights since I was about 26yrs old, but as a young girl I was into gymnastics, swim, dance, and horses.


I started training to get in shape because I have always loved muscularity, but got really serious about it at 28 when I decided I wanted to be firefighter.


I used to think competing was just a bunch of ďfluffĒ, but the more muscular and strong I became, the more people at the gym would approach me and ask me if I competed. I started looking in the mirror and wondering what it would be like. Hmmmm............


In 1991 I did my first show, the Las Vegas Classic, and placed 1st overall, and Best Poser. I was hooked!! I had such a good time, I never knew what a ham I was til I got up on stage.


My greatest personal success at a show was last fall when I did the Classic her in Vegas (again) so I could qualify for Nationals. I dieted all the way down to middleweight, which took me 20 wks, and won the class. I also did the Masters class, and took 2nd. There were some beautiful physiques in that class. I was honored to be among them.


1992 Las Vegas Classic-Overall champ (heavyweight)
1993 Emerald Cup Classic- Overall champ
1994 Nevada State BB Championship- 1st heavyweights
2002 World Firefighter Olympics- Overall Champion Womens Bodybuilding
2003 Las Vegas Classic- 1st Middleweights

2006 Masters Nationals - 4th Light Heavyweights

2007 Ms. International Amteur - 1st Middleweights


A typical day in the life of Holly Nicholson- letís seeódrive fast, get dirty, donít sleep much, deliver a baby, work a house fire, several car wrecks, laugh a lot, eat a lot, train know, just the usual!


I train 4-5 days a week. Iíve learned to listen to my body, and secondary to my age, and the sleep deprivation I have to deal with at work, sometimes it takes a little more to recuperate after a heavy leg or back day.


Off-season I do less cardio training, and eat clean, but cheat when I feel like it. I love sweets, so when goodies get brought to the fire station, itís hard to resist. When Iím dieting for a show, I speed up my weight training with minimal rest between sets, I do cardio 6 days a week once or twice a day, and really clean up my diet. I just have to stay out of the kitchen at work Ďcause itís the danger zone!!


I donít really keep track of best lifts, but I have done 455 lb hack squats for sets of 5. I regularly squat on the Smith Maching with 315. I think I have pretty good abs, but I mostly get comments on my legs and shoulders. I would like to get my legs a little bigger, and add some size to my lats.


My favorite exerciseĖIíd have to say Smith Machine lunges. I move my feet forward until they are about 12-14 inches in front of my body, then way back and deep for 8-10 reps each leg. 4 sets like that and your butt is quivering!! I love leg day for some reason, and I enjoy training my back. I canít think of any exercises I donít like, actually!


In my opinion, the judging criteria for womens bodybuilding can be ambiguous and inconsistent. I donít think Iíve experienced it yet, but my heart goes out to the female athlete that works her butt off to get in shape, only to be told that she is too big, or too masculine. She goes home hanging her head, not feeling very good about herself and then kills herself trying to change her look, only to have a different standard placed on physique at the next contest. I am not gifted with the genetics to get very big, so I can never compete in that league. I believe that bodybuilding has made a tremendous impact in my life, and that it has opened many, many doors for me. With strength comes self-confidence, beauty, grace, will power and determination. I wish everyone in the world could experience that feeling, just once.


When Iím not in the gym, you might find me hanging out with my kids, or playing golf. I also enjoy working cattle on horseback., dancing, swimming, creating ro building things for my home, and cooking. My career in the fire dept keeps me busy, and I also work for a plastic surgeon taking care of his patients after surgery. My boyfriend lives in Arizona right now, so was talk on the phone when we canít see each other. Heís into training too, so we have a lot in common.


2005 I may do the Nationals. Weíll see how well my elbows hold up.


Thanks for the opportunity to tell you a little about myself, itís been fun!
Holly Nicholson


Latest News:

I just got back in Sept from competing in the World Firefighter Games in Sheffield England and am now the 2 time world gold medalist in womens bodybuilding.  My sights are now set on the World Police and Fire Games in Quebec at the end of June and the Masters Nationals (teen/collegiate/masters) in July.


Please note:

Holly does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




HOLLY's Photo Gallery:


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