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Welcome to the Page of the gorgeous, very attractive and muscular Fitness Competitor and future Bodybuilder AMANDA SWALLOW!

(all pictures are used by Amanda's personal permission)



Some Info about AMANDA:


I was born in Mullens W.Va. on November 6, 1970.


I am a hairdresser and a gymnastics instructor.


I love to play all sports I am pretty coordinated so I can play just about anything. Football, Basketball (though I am too short, but I can play mean game of horse.) I like to roller skate, ski, but gymnastics is my passion!


After I had my kids I became a runner that was the only way I could get the baby fat off. About 2 years ago I began what it meant to really lift properly. I still run and do some crazy cardio but weight training really took over, this past year. I like to lift heavy, but maintain a balance to where I can be well conditioned.


I did not plan to compete until everyone I met asked if I did. Being the competitor that I am I started to find out more about the sport. With my gymnastics background I thought fitness would be perfect.


My first competition was Phoenix, AZ. I place 1st.


You asked what competition has been me biggest success yet. I haven’t felt successful yet. I am definitely not finished.
Phoenix, AZ
Lakewood, OH
Pittsburgh, PA
Jr. Nationals


My typical day goes a little like this:
4:00am-wake up cook my food for the day
6:00am-pick up kids from their dad get them ready for school and myself ready for work.
8:00am-drive them to school and me to work
12:00pm-weight train
2:30pm-pick up daughter from school and go back to work where she waits for her dad to pick her up.
9:00pm-If I am not getting ready for a competition I go home, but if I am getting ready I will go for a second round of cardio.


I love training I am so lucky I can split it up that way. It is awesome to get in that cardio and then fit a couple of meals before I weight train. That way I can really benefit from the lifting.


I weight train 5 days per week and I do cardio 6. If I need to cut down more I will add another day of cardio.


Some stats, ok my biceps are 13in, quads 22in, chest 35 1\2in. My max on bench is 155lbs. I curl about 35lbs.


I don’t have a favorite body part. I still want to see improvements in my all over shape. I hate seeing pictures of myself, because I am not where I want to be. Everyone seems to be in love with my biceps so I will go with that.


I don’t have a favorite I love to train shoulders, back and legs so those days I am pumped I can’t wait to get to the gym. I don’t have a least favorite. Shoulders are the most important to me.


When I am not working out I am pretty boring. I help a lot of kids I know with gymnastics. I know a lot of teenagers who just tried out for cheerleading so I helped them out with their jumps and gymnastics. Otherwise I am busy being a mom, so laundry and cleaning! I love to have a spotless house! If I have time I like to curl up on the couch and watch a good movie. (This is winter mode) Summer I like to go run in the park or just hang out outside.


My plans for 2005, well I plan to switch over to bodybuilding and right now I am planning to compete at Team Universe. I am also planning on buying a house at the end of this year so I need to concentrate on making as much money as I can!


Please note:

Amanda does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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