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Welcome to the Page of the very attractive & beautifully muscled IFBB Professional Figure Champion TARA SCOTTI!

(all pictures are used by Tara's personal permission)



Some Info about TARA:


I was born and raised in Queens NY. I now live in White Plains, NY. I started working out about 10 years ago and I took to the gym l very well . I started seeing changes in my physique right away and it got me so excited that I just wanted to train harder and learn as much as I could on any topic related to fitness. I became obsessed with muscle. My trainer Gerry was very instrumental in my early years. He was my mentor from the start. It was he who encouraged me to get certified to be a personal trainer ( I was working unhappily in the garment district of NYC at the time, which is what I went to college for - Fashion). And it was he who encouraged me to do my first fitness competition. A decision that changed my life. I competed for a few years and then quit in 2001 to concentrate on my personal training business. But in the end of 2003 I decided to come back to sport and see what I can do against the current field of girls who were competeing in figure. I am glad to report that I won my class and the overall at both shows. In 2004 I am only competing in the 3 pro-qualifier shows. They are the JR USA's, the JUNIOR NATIONALS, and the Figure Nationals. My short term goal is to get my pro card at one of these shows. My long term goal is to win an IFBB Figure show before I end my carreer. Wish Me luck :)



1997 NPC Bev Francis’ Atlantic States Fitness - 3rd Place

1998 NPC JR. USA Fitness – 1st place Tall and Overall
2001 NPC Team Universe Figure Championships - 4th Place Tall
2003 NPC East Coast Championships - 1ST Place And the Overall
2003 NPC Eastern USA Championships - 1ST Place and the Overall

2004 NPC JR. USA Fitness - 1ST Place and the Overall (won my pro card)

2004 NY Pro Figure Championships - 5th Place ( Pro Debut )
2005 Pittsburgh Pro Figure- 4th Place
2005 Eastern Seaboard Invitational - 2nd Place
2005 California Pro Figure Championships - 4th Place
2005 Toronto Pro Figure Championships - 1st Place


Training split...

I change up my routines regularly and use instinctive training depending how I feel on that day. But my most current split is as follows:


Sunday : Hams/Glutes
Monday: Chest/Bis
Tuesday: Shoulders/Calves
Wednesday: Quads/Hams/Glutes
Thursday: Abs/Tris
Friday: Back/Calves
Saturday: Off


I only do cardio durring pre-contest diet which is usually 8 weeks out from a show. I rely more on my diet than I do cardio to get me lean. And I stay in pretty good shape all year round and eat clean so I don't have to go crazy to prepare myself or make too many changes to get ready for a competition.




TARA's Photo Gallery:


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Video clips:


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