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Welcome to the Page of the very attractive and beautifully muscled Canadian IFBB Figure Professional Competitor TAMMY STROME!

(all pictures are used by Tammy's personal permission)



Some info about TAMMY:


Age: 27


Birthplace: Arnprior, Ontario


Birthsign: Cancer "the crab" - Doesn't suit me at all!


Current Residence: Toronto, Ontario


Height: 5'6


Weight: 145 off- season with about 14% fat
132 comp-season with about 8 % body fat


Occupation: Sales Rep for Body Plus Nutritional Products inc., Owner of Longevity Wellness Consulting, Certified Kinesiologist, Nutrition Consultant, free lance writer
National level fitness and Figure competitor
Years training: 11 years


Sponsor: Interactive Nutrition


Competitive History:
I placed 10th at my Pro Debut on June 4th- Toronto Pro Show. I was very excited by this as I was not overlooked by the judges and a top ten finish is a good sign if I continue competing.

2005 Canadian Fitness and Figure Championships - 1st place tall figure and overall (earned my pro card)

2004 Canadian Fitness and Figure Championships - 2nd place tall figure

2002 Canadian Fitness Championships - 2nd place
2001 Ontario Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships - 1st place
2000 Ontario Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships - 2nd place
2000 Northern Ontario Bodybuilding and Fitness Championships - 2nd place


Next Contest: 2005 Canadian Fitness and Figure Championships


Pets: Torti cat name Feival, Siamese cat named Porcha, 2 pearl scale gold fish named squiggles and dribbles. I love animals.


I will retire early to a beautiful house by the ocean and perhaps run a spa retreat. Not work...but fun!!!! I call it active retirement!


Favourite colors: Red, blue and pink. NOT TOGETHER THOUGH!
Favourite Diet foods: Oatmeal and Egg whites with sugar free syrop
Favourite cheat foods: Tacos and chocolate. NOT TOGETHER THOUGH!
Favourite music: Everything except country.
Favourite car: Mercedes Benz SUV and BMW 3 series
Favourite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon: Catch up on reading and do something fun outdoors.
Favourite saying: Pshaw!


Favourite Book: Awaken the Giant Within- Anthony Robbins. Wow!!


Future Plans: To become an IFBB Figure Pro. To have my Wellness company become extremely successful and retire early. To write more books. I also plan to have one child and be a great mother.


Pet peeves: People who judge books by their covers, messy people, bad drivers.


Likes: A great sense of humour, Warm sunny days, Appreciating the little things in life.


Favourite Phrases: "Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated."
" Patience is a virtue." I often have to remind myself of that one


Favourite body part to train: Shoulders and Legs. Actually, I love to train everything.


Favourite day of the week: FRIDAY! You have the weekend to look forward to.


Hobbies: Being active outside fitness - rollerblading, mountain biking, down hill skiing, water skiing. I also love watching movies, writing, surfing the net and doing research.


My Favourite thing about competing in fitness and figure: The high of walking on stage knowing you have done your best. I also love meeting new people. I love setting goals. I feel so motivated and focussed on accomplishing them.


Little Known Facts about Tammy:
I am petrified of spiders. I absolutely hated the movie Arachnaphobia. 
I have perfectionistic and workhaholic tendencies. I am working towards more balance in my life.
I am a clothes and shoe addict. Especially shoes. I have 60 pairs!!!
I used to be a really shy kid.
I love all animals.


I was in the National Institute of Broadcasting for acting.
I often look serious, but I am actually a clown and I love to laugh.


How would I describe myself: Outgoing, friendly, funny, athletic, intelligent, sensitive, driven, focused, caring.


This is an example of the diet format that I follow when preparing for a show.


On-season diet Plan: Beginning 10 weeks out from show.


Meal 1: 8 egg whites
˝ cup oatmeal
2 teaspoons of flax oil
teaspoon of fish oil


Meal 2: 8 egg whites or protein shake depending on where I am contest.
˝ cup oatmeal


Meal 3: 4oz chicken breast
1 cup brocolli or spnach


Meal 4: Protein Shake or 4oz chicken breast depending on where I am contest


Meal 5: Post – training
Protein Shake 
2 caramel rice cakes


Meal 6: 5oz chicken breast
1 cup brocolli or spinach


Every 5 days- I boost my carbs by adding in 1 cup of yams and another serving of
Oatmeal. This keeps my metabolism from slowing down.


I may also substitute some salmon or extra lean steak 1x every 7-10 days for some Extra fats. I find it keeps my cravings down.


I allow my self scheduled cheats up until 3 weeks out. I will only reward myself if my body is on schedule for the goals I have set. For example if I have dieting for 4 weeks and I achieve my goal body fat for that point or if I am ahead of schedule than I will allow a cheat. I might then allow myself some pizza or a piece of cheesecake. I will also use this as my high day then as well.


Not everyone can do this. I am fortunate to be blessed with a fast metabolism that enables me to lose fat very fast. Once I am 3 weeks out, I do not allow any more of these cheats as I don’t want to retain water from the sodium.


A lot of my dieting is now instinctive because I know my body really well. I pick up on subtle signals and I make changes accordingly.


Supplements: L-Glutamine- 10grams per day
Vitamin C 2000mg per day
Vitamin E 1000 Iu per day
B- complex 1 time per day
Multi vitamin – divided 3 x per day
Calcium- 1000mg divided 3 x per day
Greens supplement – 1 x in morning
Folic Acid- 1mg per day
Adrenal Support Formula- 3 x per day
Meltdown or Metabolean Thermogenic 2 x per day on 2 day on 1 day Off.
Protein shakes until 3 weeks out then I replace it with solid food.


I also drink about 5-8 Liters of water per day. The week of the show I usually drink 8-10 Liters per day before I start cutting back on my water on the Friday before the show.


If you are in need of someone who can help prepare you for a fitness or figure competition to please visit my website for more details as physique transformation is my specialty.


Please note:

Tammy does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




TAMMY's Photo Gallery:


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