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Welcome to the Profile Page of the beautiful, very attractive and muscular National Level NPC Figure Competitor ALLISON MOYER!

(all pictures are used by Allison's permission)



Some Info about ALLISON:


Occupation: National Level NPC figure competitor, fitness model, Director
of Personal Training for HealthFitnessCorporation

Education: College graduate Millersville University, ASEP certified
athletic coach, ACE Personal Training,ACE Group Exercise

Birth date: April 22 1984, Allentown PA

Weight: 128-130 on season, 140-142 off season

Hair: chocolate with blonde

Eyes: blue

Years training: 5

Years competing: 3

Training Gym:Gold's Gym Hershey PA

Athletic Background: track and field, cross country, triathlete

Strongest muscle groups: back, bicep, abs

Hobbies: working out and training, modeling, traveling, cooking, reading

Favorite Music: Ani Difranco

Pets: My Pomeranian, Molly

A little about me:
I grew up as a very athletic girl, my family owns horses and I did horseback riding, softball, and swimming all prior to entering Jr High. My athleticism grew as I got older and I began playing field hockey and participating in track and field. Eventually my focus fell to track and I spent my high school years running for the track and cross country teams. Although I ran cross country my first year in college I began to feel my competitive running nature wane and I decided to leave the team. I began working out at my college gym and using the weights in effort to gain some muscle, at 5'6" I weighed between 110 and 115. I didn't know a lot about what I was doing, but through reading, talking to others, and observing people in the weight room I soon began to pick up on proper form and good technique.

At age 19 I joined the LA Fitness that had opened up near my school and there I met and trained with Mark Hazel, a national level bodybuilder who saw potential in my physique and encouraged me to enter my first show. My first show was Nabba, not NPC, and I was hooked. I quickly set plans in motion for my second show, this time NPC, where I placed second in my class.

I then took two years off from competing to finish school and concentrate on my modeling for a little, and now, with the help and sponsorship of FigureRX I am looking to make 2008 a wonderful year. I recently competed in the NPC Mountain Valley where I not only won my class (Figure Class C) AND qualified for nationals, but won the overall figure title as well.

My website launched ( back in April, and I now offer an extensive membership area including my online training and nutrition journal, HUNDREDS of exclusive photos, video, and downloadable recipes and workout routines that I use in my own training. I also offer personal training services, phone consultations, and more. I currently write articles consistently for, and work on updating my backstage forum with FigureRX weekly. Shortly I will also be doing webcam with FigureRX and HerBicepsCam.

My short term goal is simply to make 2008 a big year at the national level for me. Ultimately my goal is to obtain my IFBB Pro Card in Figure and further myself as a fitness model. Ideally, I would also like to eventually open my own personal training company/gym which will cater to the needs of hardcore athletes. Weightlifting has been a savior in more ways then one in my own life and it is my goal to help others learn as much about working out and strength training as they can, so that in turn they will be able to experience the strength (both inner and outer) that comes from working hard in the gym and living a healthy lifestyle.

For my most recent news please visit and feel free to send me an email.


Please note:

Allison does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




ALLISON's Photo Gallery:


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© Photos 9-10 are courtesy of David Kippen

© Photos 11-12 are courtesy of Brian Moss



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