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Welcome to the Page of the very muscular and attractive Canadian National Level Bodybuilder LYRIS CAPPELLE!

(all pictures are used by Kiesha's personal permission)



Some Info about LYRIS:


Where and when were you born?
Esterhazy, SK Oct 13, 1973


What is your profession?
Senior Disability Management Coordinator with the Cypress Health Region and sideline personal trainer (Kinesiology Degree, Medical Exercise Specialist, Certified Functional Capacity Evaluator, and Certified Exercise Physiologist with the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology)


Were you involved in sports or fitness prior to bodybuilding and how did you get started with weight training?
I’ve always been involved in sports (was Athlete of the Year in my high school graduating class) and went on to play University volleyball and dabbled in other sports (softball, badminton, track, curling etc)


Was it a goal for you to compete in bodybuilding competitions right from the beginning or was it something that grew in your mind as time went on and you saw the progress in your body?
When I turned 30 I realized I was just a “recreational athlete” and I missed the taste of competition, so my husband and I decided to enter our first bodybuilding contest.


Can you give me your competition history?
2004 Sk Novice – 1st place Heavyweight/Overall (124 lbs)
2005 Sk Provincials – 1st place Middleweight/Overall (123.5 lbs)
2006 Canadian Nationals – 2nd place Heavyweight (131.8 lbs)


Which contest has been your biggest success; which has had the most meaning to you?
2006 Canadian Nationals because my personal goal was to try to get more cut in my legs and to crack the top 5 placing in my weight class, and with the help of my trainers (Greg and Autumn Raby) I surpassed both of those goals.


Please tell me something about your training routine (ie: how many days per week / training split /cardio, etc.)
3 on 1 off, 2 on 1 off repeat/1 body part per day/cardio – off season varies, contest prep – usually up to 2 hours/day


What is your favorite exercise in the gym and which one you don’t like so much?
I love and hate all leg exercises for the same reason. I love them for the results they give me, and hate them for how much it takes out of me to do them.


Which body part is your best in your opinion?
People say my back or legs


If you don’t mind would you give me some stats (best lifts and some body measurements)?
Nothing to brag about here – I don’t train super heavy and don’t have 16 inch guns – just average


What do you enjoy about training for competition....what do you enjoy about the 'off season'?
I love the feeling of your skin getting thinner and watching the cuts come in when getting ready for a contest. I love the energy I have in the off season.


Please describe a typical day in the life of Lyris Cappelle.
Off season:
5:30 am – wake up and respond to personal training e-mails
6:30 am – 30 min treadmill 3x/week
7:40 am – eat 8 egg whites and 60 g rolled oats
8am – 12:00 – work (husband Ryan get’s kids ready for school)
10:30 am – 2 scoop protein shake and 16 mini rice cakes
noon – 1:15 pm – weight training
1:15 – 5:00– back to work
1:30 pm – eat 150 g chicken and 1 cup of basmati rice
4:00 – eat 150 g chicken and 150 g yams or potatoes
5:00 – home time
5:00 – 6:30 – make supper/play with kids (Hayden and Brooklyn)
6:30 – 8:30 – usually run kids around to their activities (hockey, wrestling, dance etc)
8:30 – say “hi” to Ryan for the first time in the day – we help kids with their homework/get kids ready for bed/prepare meals for tomorrow/laundry/dishes etc
9:00 – 10:30 – respond to personal training e-mails/develop diets and programs
10:30 pm - bed time


Please tell me about what you do when you don’t work out ( hobbies, what do you do to relax?, etc.)
I’ve started playing women’s hockey about 2 years ago and I suck, but I really enjoy it.


What do you enjoy most about the bodybuilding/fitness lifestyle?
The bodybuilding community. We all know what it takes to get up on stage. We all know what it takes to train with such intensity that you want to puke. We all know what it takes to commit to something and follow through with it. This is what ties us together. It is too bad that bodybuilders get a bad reputation for being conceited etc, I think that a lot of the bodybuilders we’ve met are some of the most humble people around.


What are your competition goals or personal future goals?
2007 Canadian Nationals in Edmonton


Please note:

Lyris does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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