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Welcome to the Page of the very attractive and muscular NPC National Level Bodybuilder LAUREN LAPLANTE-ROTTMAN!

(all pictures are used by Lauren's permission)



Some Info about LAUREN:


Where and when were you born? Northern NJ in 1964.

What is your profession? Business Consultant

Were you involved in sports or fitness prior to bodybuilding and how did you get started with weight training? I was always athletic but never involved in competitive sports. I started weight training to lose weight and get in shape. I was a workaholic and a couch potato for many years.

Was it a goal for you to compete in bodybuilding competitions right from the beginning or was it something that grew in your mind as time went on and you saw the progress in your body? At first, I wanted to get comfortable in the gym environment and learn how to lift weights properly. In the beginning, bodybuilding wasn’t even in my dictionary.

Can you give me your competition history? See me website ‘stats’.

Which contest has been your biggest success; which has had the most meaning to you? Biggest success was the 2007 Masters Nationals, I placed 4th in the heavyweight class when only the year before I placed 13th (last).
The most meaningful contest was the 2004 Washington State, being my first competition, I knew I could do anything I set my mind to.

Please tell me something about your training routine (ie: how many days per week / training split /cardio, etc.). I weight train 6 days a week.

What is your favorite exercise in the gym and which one you don’t like so much? My favorite exercise is benching as it brings me back to my powerlifting days. My least favorite is hyperextensions.

Which body part is your best in your opinion? My eyes.

If you don’t mind would you give me some stats (best lifts and some body measurements)? Best bench is 250 lbs. Best deadlift is 375 lbs.

What do you enjoy about training for competition....what do you enjoy about the 'off season'? When training for competition I like to see the changes in my body on a week to week basis. In the off season, I like not having to do so much cardio

Please describe a typical day in the life of Lauren Laplante.
Wake up at 6:00 am. Make/have breakfast, usually eggs and oatmeal. Start work by 8:30 am; finish work around 6:00 pm. Have a before workout meal. 7:00 pm – 10:00, workout. 10:00 pm have an after workout meal. Go through some emails. 11:30 pm watch The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (at least his monologue). [Maybe he’ll invite me on his show now that I plugged him .] Just after midnight…go to bed.

Please tell me about what you do when you don’t work out (hobbies, what do you do to relax, etc.) Read and spend time with my cats Max and Preston.

What do you enjoy most about the bodybuilding/fitness lifestyle? Sharing it with my husband, Joey.

Tell me something interesting about yourself, something people may be surprised to hear. My undergrad degree is in Metallurgical Engineering.

What are your competition goals or personal future goals? Competition goal is to receive my ‘pro’ card in bodybuilding and compete at the pro level. Personal goal is to share my journey and inspire others to achieve their goals.




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