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I was born in Istanbul, Turkey in September 1982.
I studied at Art & Design Faculty for 4 years and after i made a master on painting at Fine Arts Institute. I'm a professional artist & illustrator.
I love female bodybuilders, they are my best models. My favourites are Colette Nelson, Dayana Cadeau and Denise Masino (and many more...)
I love music and cinema also. I'm a big fan of rock and metal music since i was 9 years old. My favourite bands are Megadeth, Arch Enemy and Tiamat. And my favourite movies are Fight Club, 300 and Trainspotting. I love to collect action figures, sculptures and busts. I wish I can be a great artist and also an illustrator one day; and for sure female bodybuilders will always be my best models...



Sample Gallery:


Colette Nelson  Colette Nelson  Amber Steel  Diana Ball

Danielle Hollenshade  Melissa Tucker  Berit Holsbo  Sheilahe Brown

Line Marion Nielsen  Denise Masino


© All photos are courtesy of Volkan Kinaci



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