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12/08/05 is the one of the leading internet destinations for fans 
of figure and fitness. With over 150 profiles, contest coverage from 6 
different fitness federations, and much more - there's tons of content 
to browse through at FitSights.

Also be sure to check out the new FitSights Attic, where all the excess 
contest photos are stashed away. But it's not just contest photos in 
the Attic - you'll also see photos from FitSights' photo shoots, as 
well video clips, inside. So climb into the Attic and take a peek!



FITSIGHTS Sample Gallery:


Amber Davenport  Amy Huber  Erica Davidson  Flavia Crisos

Julia Simon  Kim Seeley  Latisha Wilder  click on image to enlarge

click on image to enlarge  Moorea Wolfe  click on image to enlarge  Waleska Granger


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Fitsights Sample Video Clips:


Niel Arnold (8.7 MB)  Interview with Monica Brant (9.2 MB)

The Monica Brant Interview is in Windows Media File format. You will need Windows Media Player to watch the clip.



You will find many more photos and video clips on the FITSIGHTS website



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