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Welcome to the Page of the very attractive and great muscled National Level Figure Competitor SUNSHINE FRITZGES!

(all pictures are used by Sunshine's personal permission)



Some Info about SUNSHINE:


I was born in Canoga Park, Ca, on june 15, 1975. I am the oldest of 5 kids and we grew up in malibu, ca. I live in Huntington Beach now with my 2 children. I am a personal trainer and although i have stopped for a few months i also teach street dance and martial arts. I get pretty sick of being in the gym after working all day there so i often do ju jitsu, karate, dance, and biking for an extra workout. I have always been really active and while growing up i did pretty much every sport in school but found a true love in karate and studied that heavily for several years and earned two black belts along the way. I never lifted for the purpoe of shape and size until after my second son was born. I always had lifted to improve my performance in whichever activity I was doing at the time. I started to grow really fast and realized that without much effort I could probably put on enough size to compete. I was really worried however that I would start to look really masculine and I didn't want to push my body to that limit and so I didnt really do anything with the body I was working on for a few years. I had always been really competitive and hgad a contest of some kind that I was always preparing for but after having kids I realized that I hadn't done anything competitivly.


So i made up my mind to do a show. My first show was the Contra Costa 2002 and I got 8th place. How I dont know because my tan looked horrible, I had no idea how to pose, and I didn't know how to diet down and dial in at the right time. but I was inspired to do the Cal 2 weeks later and got 6th place in that show. I kept getting advice from people and did a show about every 2 months for the rest of 2002 and 2003 and kept getting in the top 5, getting a place better every few shows. then this year I met Terry Hairston and he took a good start and completely moved my body to the next level. He has my dieting dialed in perfect. This year I did the Ironman and got 4th and placed 2nd in the Orange County, both which I have felt have been my biggest successes.


I am going to do the Figure Nationals in August in New York and try to get a pro card so that is my next big goal.


As far as working out I do better lifting heavy. I generally do wts 3 days on 1 day off. I do cardio of some sort every day. For contest preperation the biggest difference for me is the 2 or 3 a day cardio sessions and the drastic changes in my diet. I continue to lift the same up until 2 weeks out and then just rep everything out. I am a big girl and weigh 160 to 170 offseason and get to 145-150 the day of the show. My chest is 43, my waist is 29, my hips are 38, my arms unflexed are 14, my shoulders are 47, my quads are 23, and my calves are 16. These are all offseason measurements. I think my best body part is my back and my shoulders. I seem to get the most compliments on them and genetically they are the easiest to grow.


Regarding the judging of women in the sport of bodybuilding and figure I haven't quite figured it out. Figure is the one that really confuses me because they are choosing the smaller girls with very little definition at the lower levels of competition and the at National they are picking bigger girls and even more defined girls at the pro level. It seems strange to place a girl 1st at a NPC show only to have a more muscular girl beat her at Nationals. And the NPC winners look nothing like the pros in the magazines. So I will keep my size for now and see what happens at Nationals in August.


Other than working out and working I am a full time single mom. One of my children has autism and so that in itself is quite time comsuming. However when I get to I am at the beach with my kids or rollerblading or biking with them and then there is all of their sports that I am involved in and so I really don't have any free time. I like to get away with them for a few days and go to the lake or motorcycle riding or camping. I am an outdoors person if I can help it. For 2004/2005 I am working for that pro card and then I am also focusing on some more photo shoots and oppertunities in that area. As well I will be doing 2 or 3 major Ju Jitsu competitions and I hope to advance in that area as well.


Please note:

I do not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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