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Welcome to the Page of the very attractive and muscular Swedish Bodybuilder MONICA RISCOLL!

(all pictures are used by Monica's personal permission)



Some Info about MONICA:


Hello! My name is Monica Riscoll. I´m mostly a happy person who likes very much to be around my friends, even if I also have to stay by my self sometimes, just to relax, or take a nice walk or read something. My profession is teaching in Physical Education, daytime. In the evenings I work as a Personal Trainer, which I also write about in a Swedish Healthmagazine called Iform (InShape in English).Once a week, I´m also instructing in Spinning(indoorbiking), which I like very much. Some years ago I was competing a lot in Bodybuilding, for 9 years to be exact. I was then competing on an International level, and it was really a big  part of my life. I quit 1994, and since theen I´ve only been training for fun and to feel good. Last year, Febr 2002, I decided to compete once again, so I put in an extra gear, went on a diet in the Summer, and so it went on. It was really a good! time, and ended with a 1st place at the Swedish Championships in middleweight, and also in Pair, together with one of the best male bodybuilder in Sweden, Fredrik Age. I also won ”Best Female Poser”, and a Price of Honor – ”Kerstins Minne” So it was really a great day! One of my best memories in my whole BB-carrier actually!


Date of birth: 24th April 1955

Hair: for the moment red, but by nature it´s dark brown.

Eyes: Very blue actually, but I like to wear brown contact lenses.

Height: 163 cm

Weight offseason: 64-65 kg

In contest shape: 58,5 kg, then I have to stay in the sauna several hours before wheighing in! I hate it!

Nationality: Swedish


Began working out in 1980, before that the only thing I did was horsebackriding for many years. In 1983 I won Swedish championships in Military Pentathlon.

Began competing: 1985. Tryed to qualify to the Swedish Championships, but did´nt manage. So I entered another small competion called Wasa Trofén, and won. If I had´nt won that one, I don´t think I would have continuing competing!


Major Competitions: European Champ. 1990 , 5th place

            World Champ. 1992 7th place

            European Champ. 1993, 2nd place

            Scandinavian Champ 1993 1st place

            Swedish Champ 1993, 1st place

            World Champ 1993 2nd place

            Swedish Champ 2002, 1st place in Middleweight and Pair, and Best Bodybuilder in the Show


Favorit food: Chicken! And carrotcake.

Hobbies: Except lifting weights; hiking, playe squash, take funkclasses, and be together with my friends, having a nice dinner.

Favorit season: I like all thes seasons, but if I have to say one, it´s the time just in the end of Summer, and the Autumn. I love all the coulors on the trees.

Favorit book: ?

Favorit movie: American history X, and Pretty Woman!

Favourit music: mostly R´n B, but my favorit song is ”Caruso” by Pavarotti

What I hate most: Mean and dishonest people

What I like most: To meet positive people, and share happiness. To be in love, and spend a nice day out in the countryside.




MONICA's Photo Gallery:


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