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Welcome to the Profile Page of the gorgeous, incredibly attractive pretty muscular NPC National Level Figure Competitor DOROTHY TROJANOWICZ!

(all pictures are used by Dorothy's personal permission)



Some Info about DOROTHY:


Hi everyone !
My name is Dorothy Trojanowicz . Many people over the years tell me that I remind them of Pamela Anderson. The difference between us is obvious I got some muscle! He He! That is very flattering compliment, because she is a sex symbol, right after my favorites like Bridgette Bardot and Marlin Monroe! THANK YOU all for Your kindness!


I bet That You all just like me meet people who look a like someone You already saw. Genes repeats itself and that is a fact. It so happen that she got famous first ! He He! And good for her ! I like her anyway! Maybe I will meet her in future ! Would be great! Hey Pamela, You want to meet Your muscular sister? Ha Ha! 
That is why my new site is called It is easier to remmember my nick name that way.OK. That is all explained now. Hope You all like it.
Now My story here:


I was born in Poland, April 7 1978. I lived there over 20 years. I graduated Aesthetic Beauty College and French School of Professional M-up, all with honors. I wanted to move to America to pursue my career in aesthetics and m-up artistry.


I came to USA , Chicago Ill , in Sept. 2000. I was just 22. I have worked in my profession of M-up Artist and Esthetics's for 5 years with big success on that fields! But at the same time I was working out very hard and dieting, trying to develop my dream "BORIS " fantasy muscular physique. The picture of my dream was stoned in my mind from my teen years so hard that even on times when I had breaks from working out I could not quit it all tighter.I could not pursue my dream in Poland from many reasons: lack of financial support {I was a student , did not work}, poor family income, lack of acceptance in society about women's bodybuilding and lack of professional guidance by trainer and mentor. All against me. I promised myself, that when I will be In USA , then I will work and afford to make my dream come true- get that lean sculpted, moderately muscular body and compete in bodybuilding!!! And I did it! Wow! It took me 5 Years of killing workouts, harsh constant dieting and trying all kinds of diets, and workouts routines to get to know my body and find out what works for me. I am endlessly thankful to my husband who had show me the way how to earn that body! You cannot buy it ! Only by sweat and tears You Will earn it !If You patient enough. He had teach me over the Years how & what to do and what to think to stay focused and motivated.THANK YOU BABY!


...Being a Figure Competitor there is no such a thing as" of seasons". Besides , I do not want to be of season myself. Would be the point in such hard exercise & personal sacrifice if not to look good all the time ?I try to stay within-10-15 lbs over my "dehydrated" stage body. Going more over, and You loose all the look You use to like! I have to keep it up! It is so worth it! So I continue eat clean and even counts calories same strictly after the contest season to keep that body still lean ! Not "freaky " contest lean but , abs must be seen ! That is my absolte order!


my height 5.5
weight 120 -125
after contests: 130-135 lbs.


After competing for 2years in bodybuilding and {and having some success in it!} I decided to switch to Figure because suits me more personally.And helps me stay motivated and fit all year round.


Contest History Overall:
In 2004 I won Ill Champ. In Bodybuilding & One Year later , I took 5th Place In JR Nationals in Bodybuilding In my class.
2 Years later I won Ill Figure Champ. on the very same stage & qualify for National Competition.
Contest History Figure :
1st National show: June 2006 - Jr Nationals Figure Championships -15th
2nd National show New York - July 2006 - Team Universe -13th


I am planning to compete on national level quite often on my way to my ultimate goal - PRO CARD. And staying motivated all the time!


I am preparing for 2007 Figure National shows.


2 Years of bodybuilding gave me excellent foundation for my career in Figure.
Which in my personal Opinion is bodybuilding 20Years ago {or maybe 10} or :" bodybuilding light" if You will.


Also on more personal note Figure connects me more with my Artistic background. I was always very good in Art subjects in highshool and very interested in personal appearance to the [ point of finishing all kinds of schools of Cosmetology & Make-Up Artistry.


Figure express more my artistic -feminine side!


.....What I like about My new fit lifestyle is that this is part of my life that I got total & absolute control of it. In the society where everybody blame everybody and anybody for everything. The only person to blame for failing in this sport is YOURSELF! { Not Your boyfriend, not your boss, mother or even GOD !}
You give yourself a word how You want to look & when & what price You are willing to pay for that & than You either do it or not ! Nobody to blame but Yourself! It is You against You! ! !


I feel really happy now in my life! I do compete in sport I always loved so much ! I work on my website making videos , photos , editing , etc. And I do web cam shows from my home ! Free and independent ! That is what I was always dreaming about! Now I made it reality ! And it feels sooo Goood!


Having all those fans writing to me and subscribing to my website makes me feel that all I do is all, worth the effort I make every day to keep that body lean ! I meet daily people who tell me that I am their inspiration to workout and that fact is means SO MUCH to me! It makes me happy and responsible to help those fox out and do not let them down!!!


My fans support me mentally and financially and that is all I need to continue what I love to do ! And You all can watch me grow and be happy too !
MY favorite feminine bodies are : Monica Brant, Davana Medina, Vickie Nixon , Rachel Mc Leash , Madonna. And many more.


When I do not workout I like to watch good movies like: Million Dollar Baby Blood work, The heat, Bruce All mighty, Ice Ventura, Runaway Jury, Broke-back Mountain , Boys don't cry , Casino Royal {new James Bond movie2006} and many more regarding shocking society's taboos and Hollywood artistry filmaking examples.


I love to laugh, so I watch many comedies & comedy shows.Chris Rock is cranking me up, as well as Dennis Miller and others from HBO comedy special!


I love to read about nutrition & exercise to have my knowledge updated.There is always something , witch I can learn.Basically I am" health freak" right now!


Favorites music always been in dance, trance, techno, tunes.
However, I like to listen classical , Soft Jazz , soft rock& Blues when I have a mood for it.


I always wanted enjoy my time more. Now I can. I enjoy being a house wife and working on Webacam, taking care of my Website weekly and shooting videos and photos couple times a month. Finally I can be totally free with what I do and do it when I WANT THAT , not when I suppose to {like it been in the past when I was working as Aesthetics & M-up Artist}


I am very happy with with my decision of doing this athletic sport all the way! I do not regret that I stopped working in my past profession.I actually use the skills for myself. Now, Figure competitions & Modeling is what I cherish the most& I Know I will continue like to do so like some of the stars like Rachel MC Leash, ! Great example, of positive attitude& strong character!


Waist : 25
Hips : 34
Chest 38
Tight : 20
Calves : 15


Weight 120-125 at 5.5 " . I love myself at this weight & measurements. It just feel so right!


I workout 6 days a week, twice a day. Cardio I do 2 sessions. Am and Pm by 30 or 45 min, depends of my goal. I have one day off when I rest & recuperate. This is also my carb day, replenishing my glycogen


HIT training {high in intensity training} works best for me. 30 sec break till 1 min is enough for me to keep my body at the highest level of metabolic & fitness rate. It helps me staying lean & hard, & strong.


I been lifting always very heavy with perfect form .I do not like to train my Ego at the gym, just my muscles- ha ha!


But numbers of weight lifted has minimal meaning for me. Really does not matter. I am not a power lifter& never been into that. I focus on correct repetitions & form, .The look of my body is important for me. I like long, full muscle bellies. I try to sculpt myself that way.


But, since 5 Years of killing workouts made me strong, even now , when I am 20 lbs lighter I still have the strenght good enough. & I like that !Persistence, persistence, persistence!!!


Just few stats: Bic curl:25-35, Shoulder Presses_185-240, Incline Chest Mashine- 125--185, Back- Lat pull downs-120-160.
I do not exercise my legs.Just calves gets lots of attention.
They had enough training before I went Figure, that I have to make them go atrophy a little. They get their workouts during my cardie on stepper, elliptical or tread mil.


The very well deserved thanks must go to my lovely husband, who helped me so much to "build " my body ! His never ending support keeps me going! Thank You Honey!
The biggest contributors to my success were always surprisingly enough strangers which I just met like - JAMES & GENE - Thank You so much! for making me known! 

Andy from & for doing my site on the beginning on my career! Thank You Andy!


& Mark Schaeffer from Muscle Angles - love to work with You!


Also photographers like Michael Yurkovic David Kippen from 
Reg Bradford from for all the unforgettable & beautiful photo shoots we had so far!!! LOVE working with You!


And many thanks to all my friends , who understand what I do & support me with it!
Love You guys!


Thank You to my buddies from USA Gym where I love working out!!!  That everyday support means so much!
Love Ya Girls: Michelle, Jennifer , Barb, Kelly ,and Andrea !
And guys : Dave, George, Lu, Tim, Chris, Jeff and many more!
Also Big thanks to CHUCK SANOW - IFBB Pro, for constant help in my contest prep! I do what U say Chuck & it works! Thank U again! U R The best!


LYNN SUAVE  MY NEW FRIEND, TRAINER AND COACH for taking a time to prepare me for 2007 Figure Championships! I will do what You tell me to Lynn! Love Ya!


Big friend & ART Bachelor- KAROLINA ! Thank You for helping me with the Figure suits when I needed it most ! I will never forger that ! Love Ya babe! You do Outstanding job! - hot & affordable!


& My longtime girlfriends from XOX- Hair studio & Day Spa - for all the support! XOXO!


AND BIGGEST THANKS TO RICK DREW- my new Talented webmaster! Thank You for caring so much and helping me put my new site ON WHOLE NEW LEVEL! You are GENIUS!!!! Love Ya!


Please note:

Dorothy does not not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




DOROTHY's Photo Gallery:


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