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Diymuscle showcases the training aspect of bodybuilding, taped by the athletes themselves. Focusing on HEAVY GYM LIFTING. Follow your favorite figure, fitness and female bodybuilder to the gym and watch them LIFT!! Members have full access to pictures and thousands of video clips from hundreds of models.



Sample Video clips:


Kailash Persaud (20.5 MB)  Wendy Lindquist (39.0 MB)  Larissa Horbatiuk (19.6 MB)  Leigh Rumball (73.3 MB)




DIYMUSCLE Sample Gallery:


Jackie Horan  Jackie Horan  Jennifer Scarpetta  Jennifer Scarpetta

Jennifer Reece & Emmanuela Pintus  Jennifer Reece & Emmanuela Pintus  Jennifer Reece & Emmanuela Pintus  Arlin Rodriguez

Kelly Dobbins  Kelly Dobbins  Courtney Morley  Courtney Morley



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