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Welcome to the Page of the very attractive & muscular NPC National Level Bodybuilder ANNE SHEEHAN!

(all pictures are used by Anne's personal permission)



Some Info about ANNE:


Born in Trenton, New Jersey on April 15, 1973. Still representing New Jersey and North East American bodybuilding.


I began lifting weights when I was nine. I played soccer and basketball when I was small and was the captain of the volleyball and cheerleading team in High School. I participated in dance competitions in High School as well.


I began using my older brother's home gym equipment when I was nine after I saw my first female bodybuilder in an electronics store in my area. I thought her muscles were awesome and that she was amazingly beautiful. I wanted to be just like her. Another early influence was Cory Everson.


I did my first competition in June 2000. I placed 2nd in the Heavyweight division. I then did two more local shows in June and July of 2002 and placed first and overall in both. After earning my National qualification I pursued Las Vegas and did the 2003 USA Championships where I placed 11th in the middleweights.


I am a mother of two children. My daughter is 11 and my son is 7 years old. My day begins with getting them ready and off to school. Then depending on the day I either go to work as a senior hair color specialist in Princeton, NJ. Or I am off to class slowly chipping away at getting my degree in Chemistry. Then, after I help the kids with their homework and get them fed and ready for bed, I am off to the gym with my fiance and trainer. I come home from there and then do my homework then crash. My day usually begins at 6:30am and finishes around 10:30pm.


My training schedule during my bulking phase (which is the majority of the year) is:
Sun chest
Mon back
Tues arms
Wed quads
Thurs abs and calves
Fri hams and shoulders
Sat off


During my precompetition phase (which lasts about 16 weeks) my weight training remains pretty much the same and I add in about 1 hour of cardio every day (sometimes two hours).


Some stats: Right now I am 182 lbs (I plan on competing around 150lbs this year) 5'4"
My measurements as of 11.30.04:
chest 43.5 in
waist 33 in
legs 24 in
calves 16.5 in
arms 15.75 in


Best lifts:
bench:245 lbs
squat:365 lbs
deadlifts:315 lbs
shrugs:365 lbs
leg press:800 lbs


I get complemented most on my back so I suppose that is my best body part.


My favorite exercise is deadlifts. It is especially my favorite for growth. My least favorite exercise is behind the neck pull down or press. I NEVER do either of these because the risks for injury outweigh the benefits.


I am a movie fanatic. I love going to the movies and renting movies as well. My favorite movie this year was Radio. I also enjoy playing with my kids. Going to the beach, having a catch or shooting some hoops.



2005 Nationals

2005 USA's 6th heavyweights

2004 Jr. Nationals, 4th heavyweights

2004 USA's, 5th heavyweights


Please note:

Anne does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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