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Welcome to the Page of the beautifully muscled and very attractive Australian IFBB Pro Fitness Competitor DEBBIE CZEMPINSKI!

(all pictures are used by Debbie's personal permission)



Some Info about DEBBIE:


I was born in Wales, United Kingdom. I immigrated to Australia with my mum when I was 8 years old. Not long after I got to Australia I joined the Police Citizens Boys Club ( As it was called at the time ) gymnastic team. It started as a hobby ( pretty much like my fitness career) but after a while it became more serious. It was for this reason my family moved to Perth WA, as I received a scholarship to WAIS ( The Western Australian Institute Of Sport ). I represented my country twice and competed at many Australian Nationals, until the age of about 18.


Many years later I met my wonderful husband and had 2 beautiful children, Kea 10 and Dylan 6. It was after I had Dylan that I thought I would join my local gym where a few of my friends trained, to keep in shape, but mostly as a social outlet. My body responded really quickly to weight training, probably because of years of gymnastic training. I started once a week with a personal trainer, who later suggested I should think about competing. I had never heard of fitness, I only knew about bodybuilding. A month later I started dieting for my first comp, which was the WA State Titles.


I placed first and went on to compete at the Nationals where I placed third. After this I got a bit disheartened with training I felt there was nothing to look forward to. I then found out about the Australasian Titles. This new year was to become one of my most successful. 
2002 Australasian Titles- 1st
2002 WA State Titles- 1st
2002 Australian Titles- 1st
2002 World Amateur Championships- 5th ( the best placing by an Australian so far)


After the Worlds i was awarded my pro card. I have been improving at each comp.


2003 The Jan Tana Classic- 11th
2004 The New York Pro- 12th, Won the optional routine round.
2004 The Southwest Pro- 4th
2004 The GNC Show of Strength- 6th, Won both the 45 sec and optional routine round.


I hope to start 2005, by competing at the Ms Fitness International and probably the New York Pro again, as it was a fantastic comp and I love the city. As far as the rest of the year goes I will have to wait and see what comps are posted. But my ultimate goal is to qualify for the Olympia, so fingers crossed.


The last 3 of my pro comps my physique rounds have let me down. I was told I was too muscular, so I have changed my training routine to try and loose some muscle to improve these rounds.


I train a 5 day split.
Monday- Legs
Tuesday- Chest and Calf’s
Wednesday- Off weights
Thursday- Back
Friday- Shoulders
Saturday- Bi’s and Tri’s
I also stretch ( splits etc) at the end of every training session.


Cardio- Monday- Saturday


Gymnastic Training ( off season )
Monday morning
Wednesday morning and evening
Thursday morning


When I am coming up for a comp I train my routine 3 times a week, between 1 and 2 hours at a time. So my gymnastic training decreases then. There isn’t a great deal of difference between my on and off season training, other than stricter dieting and less gymnastic training.


An average day starts for me at about 6am, I do my cardio before I have to get my kids ready for school. I then train a client before heading to Vital gymnastics for practice. Time to eat and change before picking up the kids from school. Back to the gym to train another client and then train myself. I return home about 7- 7.30, to eat spend time with my family and then off to bed. I am lucky that I have a fantastic husband and mum, that help me as much as they can, because without their help it would be virtually impossible for me to keep competing.


Whether I was competing or not i would still continue to weight train. I can honestly say there isn’t anything i really dislike. I really love doing chin ups and training triceps, people have told me I have good shaped legs, but i really like my abs, they a quite defined, although I never train them, I can only put it down to years of gymnastic training.


With fitness now being such a huge part of our life, it can sometimes be hard to fit in other hobbies. But we love going to the beach ( we are lucky to have some of the best beaches in the world), Going out for dinner, having bbq’s and spending time with family and friends.


Please note:

Debbie does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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