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Welcome to the Page of the very muscular & great looking Canadian Bodybuilder MELODY SPETKO!

(all pictures are used by Melody's personal permission)



Some Info about MELODY:


Melody Spetko
[email protected]


Weight- 165 lbs (off season) 
Height- 5'5
Quads- 25.5"
biceps- 16"
calves- 15.5"
Chest- 42' (without enhancements!! LOL)


DOB January 31 1973
HAIR Black
EYES Brown
RESIDENCE Toronto, Canada
BIRTH PLACE Kitchener Canada


HOBBIES: Weight training, dirt bike riding(I like playing in the mud), fast sport bikes( love danger), going to the beach and most of all spending time with family and friends!!


Now for a little history about me.... I am the 2nd oldest of 5 children... Being the only girl and growing up with 4 brothers left me to fend for myself alot of the time!! But it made me who I am today!!


As I was growing up I spent alot of my time playing sports.. I played on every team possible in high school, even got MVP a few times!! My favorite sports were volleyball and soccer!!!



Now lets get into how I got interested in bodybuilding.. This is a long story...
My interest in bodybuil ding started when I was about 14yrs old... My mother's best friend was a competetive bodybuilder... I fell in love with the way she looked and all the muscle that she had... She would give me some tips from time to time and of course i held on to every word that she had said.. When my birthday came around I had asked my father for some weights... He actually agreed to get some for me as long as the boys could use them... Typical!!! But I still got the weights I wanted and I was ready to rock!!! That was until I fell ill... A few months after I had started training I had a stroke... My journey and dream of bodybuilding had come to a complete ha lt!!! Thanks to my father acting quickly and the doctors at the hospital i had survived!!! I was lucky that I was not paralyzed!! 
When I got better from the stroke I was told that I was no longer allowed to lift weights, as they felt it might bring on another clot in my brain and cause another stroke.... So I had given up bodybuilding for many years after that!!


As time went on I did normal things, like any other girl.. That was until I moved to Toronto... I will never forget the day.. I was at the Wrestlemania event at the Skydome with some friends that love wrestling... I really had no idea at that time who was who and didn't really care...But I started to really care when I was approached by some PR guys from the WWE!! They really liked my look and thought that I would make a good wrestler... So off to training school I went!! Training with people like Trish Stratus and Gail Kim, Christian and Edge... All the good Toronto wrestlers!!! It was fun while it lasted.. I never was signed to a full time contract, but the dark matches were still good enough for me... I still had the fans and the cheering as I would enter into the ring!!( Man, I really miss those days!!) As time went on in wrestling I got injured alot and I finally had to retire because of the injuries...(One day I will write a journal and let you know about some of them and how i got them..) So retiring from wrestling at the age of 31, I wanted to do more...


Back to bodybuilding after getting the all clear from the doctors!!! So here I am today going after a childhood dream!!! I look forward to this new journey of mine and the people I will meet along the way!!! I look forward to sharing my journey with all of you as I go after all there is to achieve in bodybuilding!!!


Much love 




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© Photos 11-12 are courtesy of Tom Nine




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