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Welcome to the Page of the very muscular and great looking Cyprus IFBB Professtional Bodybuilder AGGI KOUMAS DULSON!

(all pictures are used by Aggi's personal permission)



Some Info about AGGI:


British born now living in Cyprus for the past 14yrs with my husband Jim (Bulldog) Dulson. England being my homeland were I learnt my trade and at 46yrs old have been training for more than 20yrs.

As a weights instructor and personal trainer, my husband and I run the Gym were we first met.

Unfortunately before my training days, my past was an unhealthy one, I never got involved in any sports and regret many wasted years I was involved in fashion industry and the closest activity I come was dancing all night I knew that eventually my life would have to change eventually I joined a gym in an effort to become stronger and fitter I finally learnt he feeling of the natural high that comes with lifting weights I discovered I was naturally strong and good genetics for the weights I become excited when poundage’s increased and my body wanted more. I became focused and was taught to do all the basic power lifting moves and hence built a solid foundation.

Reflecting back I became totally obsessed, until this day the sickness still runs thick in my veins. I just loved to train and never thought of competing until several years later when I met my husband. Jim saw a potential in me and with his vast 35 years experience, stream lined my blocky physique, he gave me the courage and inspiration to compete I realized my dream of being an athlete.

My first show was the Cyprus national show in 1995, at 58kg with a first place win we caused a riot, as Cyprus had never seen a real female bodybuilder before, from there we continued and took the :-
96 Cyprus grandprix
2000 Cyprus grandprix
2000 Mediterranean championships (my biggest success yet)
2003 Cyprus grandprix
We decided then to venture on and try for The Woman’s World Championships in Spain
The standard was very high and for a first time effort at 64 kg as an unknown I held my own and was noticed.
2004 EFFB Stars of Tomorrow
2007 CYPRUS RECEIVED MY PROCARD This was the best day in my life

A typical day is spent looking after my family and running my business and training; I wake up 5:30 am and prepare our food. I start at the gym at 7:00am we train for approximately 2hrs 1hr cardio 1hr weights session. I leave the gym around 11:00am
Were I shop cook and clean and return to the gym for 1:00pm until 8:30 9:00o’clock
I begin with administration and programs, train for 2 hrs then continue with client still my day is finished, when I get home at night I continue my chores until 11pm.
With training, I’m a.firm.bliever in hitting it hard and heavy; I like to feel the weight when I can, always with strict form for better results and to avoid injury.

In the off season my routine goes something like this: - 2 days on 1 day off rotating over 9 days.

Morning-small body part
Afternoon-larger body parts

Day 1 biceps – chest
Day 2 shoulders – back
Day 3 off – cardio abs calves
Day 4 –triceps – legs

Examples of some poundage’s and best lifts are:-
45 – 50kg –incline dumbbell press
40 – 45kg – dumbbell flyes
30 – 35 kg –dumbbell rows/pull overs
28 – 30kg –dumbbell curls
160 – 180kg –squats /dead lifts
600 – 650kg –leg press

Currently in my weight at 70kgs my measurements are
Chest --- 42
Legs--- 24
Calves--- 16

In my opinion my best body part are my biceps – back and shoulders I enjoy training all body parts, especially chest and legs. I can’t say I have any least favorite exercises, as I aim to improve them all.

During the pre-contest, I continue to train as heavy as I can, I don’t believe in dropping the weights used too much as this helps to stay full and hard inevitably I weaken at the final stages. I still train in 2 sessions a day. From Monday a to Saturday and include 2 x 60 mins cardio sessions daily.

In the off season my diet is a combination of high protein and high carbs, pre-contest diet
Is stream line to consist of high protein and slowly decreasing carbs, made up of 4 to 5 meals? I switch to way protein taking 4-5 drinks a day and enjoy frozen condensed
Protein as ice cream, this helps me get through the long nights.

I believe to look for something in the middle. Women must reach a certain level and must be maintained and for the top spot not to be dominated by only a few women. I like to see a well muscled, pleasing symmetry and shape complete with a hard ripped finish. I believe this is feminine and the way to go.

Although bodybuilding as a family is a big part of are lives we try not to become obsessed with it. Trips on a friends boat fishing and swimming we enjoy other activities with are son playing football,basketball,and we enjoy eating out with friends and entertaining at home . Long winter nights are spent relaxing with DVDs and hot soup.

The next step will be to take time out and re evaluate the next step.


Please note:

Aggi does not not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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