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Welcome to the Page of the very attractive and beautifully muscled Figure Competitor and former National Level Bodybuilder KATHY JOHANSSON!

(all pictures are used by Kathy's personal permission)



Something about KATHY:


I was born in Michigan two months early, weighing less than four pounds. Shortly after I was born, My Family moved to Guadalajara, Mexico. My family moved back to USA in 1980. After graduating high school, I traveled the world with "Up With People" for a year. Then, a few years later I traveled back and forth to Europe as a model. I've also been a cast member of the Swedish Gladiators. My Gladiator name was DIVA!


Languages: Spanish & English (fluent)
Birthday: October 20th Libra
Current Employer: Myself- I own a gym.

Years in training: Started in 1989


Bodybuilding Stats:
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 168-170lbs (off-season). 161-163lbs (competition weight)
Measurements: 41DD-28-38 (off-season). 36DD-26-36 (competition)
Quads: 26"
Biceps: 16"
Calves: 16"


Figure Stats:
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 150-155lbs (off season), 140-145lbs (competition weight)
Measurements: 36DD-26-36(off season), 35DD-25-36 (competition)
Quads: 24"
Biceps: 14"
Calves: 14"


Lifting Stats:
Bench: 180 lbs. for 4 sets of 8-10 reps
Bent over dumbell rows 95 lbs. for 4 sets of 10-12reps
Dead Lift (not stiff legs): 270 lbs. for 4 sets of 8 reps
Squat: 230 lbs. for 4 sets of 12-15 reps
Leg Press: 720 lbs. for 4 sets of 15-18 reps
*** I know these are not heavy lifts; but I've never maxed out (I'm not a Power Lifter), so I don't know what my heaviest lift would be in any of these exercises.


***Competitions and Placings***
1995 Arizona Natural Classic 1st Place (Bodybuilding)

1996 Fitness America 3rd Place (Fitness)

1996 Arizona Golden Classic 1st Place (Bodybuilding)

1997 AZ Western Regionals 1st Place (Bodybuilding)

1997 USA 8th Place (Bodybuilding)

1998 AZ Western Regionals 1st Place (Bodybuilding)

1998 USA 12th Place (Bodybuilding)

2000 Max Muscle Naturals 3rd Place (Bodybuilding)

2000 San Diego Golds Classic 1st and Overall (Bodybuilding)

2000 USA 5th (Bodybuilding)

2002 Arizona Open 2nd (Bodybuilding)

2002 USA 10th (Bodybuilding)

2004 Ironman Pro 2nd (Figure)

2004 Team Universe 10th (Figure)

2004 North American Championships 6th (Figure)


~I didn't compete in 2001, because I was in Sweden filming the

Gladiators for TV4 & MTV.


~~Guest Posing~~
Mr. & Ms. Arizona 1997
Arizona Golden Classic (with my husband) 1998
Ms Fitness Sweden 1999 (This was my favorite one)
Mountain West Naturals Classic 2002


Flex Magazine, December 1997 Pictorial
Flex Magazine, February 1998 Swimsuit issue
Flex Magazine, March 1999 Swimsuit Issue
Flex Magazine, July 1999 Swimsuit Issue
MucleMag, December 1999
B&K Sports Magazine (Sweden) #2, 1998
B&K Sports Magazine (Sweden) #6/7, 2000
B&K Sports Magazine (Sweden) #11, 2000
B&K Sports Magazine (Sweden) #4, 1999
B&K Sports Magazine (Sweden) #10, 1999
Swedish Teen Magazine, Idol of the week with Tamook, 2001

 Ironman Magazine March 2004
Body Fitness Magazine (Spain) October/November 2004


 *****Little Known Facts About Me*******
-Although I am an American, English is not my first language. I learned English when I was about 14 years old.

 -I attended an "all girls" Catholic school in Mexico

- I performed at President George W. Bush's (Sr., Not Jr.) inauguration in 1988.


Favorite pastime:

My absolute favorite thing in the entire world is to spend time with my entire family over dinner.


Turn offs:

Arrogance, bigotry, jealousy, liars, disrespect for others, people who are inconsiderate.


Turn ons:

People with "open minds"!!


Variety of Jobs I've Had:

Cage Dancer in Austria (that was fun!), Technical Support for Microsoft. Adult chat line. Very interesting!


Volunteer work I've done:

Habitat for Humanity ~ Helping to build a home

Salvation Army ~ Feeding the homeless

Swedish Prisons ~ Co-hosted fitness seminars in Swedish prisons.

State School for the Deaf and Blind ~ Assisted blind and hearing-impaired kids at summer camp.

Humane Society/Adopt-a-bull Foundation ~ Spending time walking and cuddling with the dogs (mostly Pit Bulls). Some of these dogs (especially Pit Bulls) don’t get out of their cages for a couple days at a time.;( Everybody needs love and affection, even Pit Bulls. :) BTW...Pit Bulls and other Bully breeds are my favorite dogs in the world!!

I also completed the training for the Victim Witness Program ~ a volunteer program with the Police Department dealing with victims and witnesses at crime scenes. This is the only volunteer job I couldn't do.  I could not deal with seeing the worst in humanity, on a regular basis.  My Mother volunteered for years; I got to hear about it, that was enough for me.


Greatest accomplishment:

Going to a total of 13 countries alone when I was in my early 20's with only $300.00 in my pocket, and finding enough modeling jobs to support myself for about six months, and then returning 2 more times to do it again.



Very affectionate!!... 99% of the time I'm very happy. I'm honest, self-motivated, open minded, and very caring.


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Para mis amigos Latinos!!
He observado que tengo muchos admiradores de paises de habla hispana. Me encantaría oirte a ti también. Así, si tu quieres, también me puedes enviar tu email en espańol. Prometo contestarte también via email en los siguientes 2 días, a no ser que esté fuera viajando, y, entonces, me llevará un poquito más."



KATHY's Photo Gallery:


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© Photos 2-3 are courtesy of Sam Dixon

© Photo 4 is courtesy of Bruce Talbot

© Photo 5 is courtesy of Reg Bradford

© Photos 7 & 8 are courtesy of Mark Mosser

© Photos 11-12 are courtesy of George Bond



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