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Welcome to the Page of the gorgeous, very attractive and muscular IFBB Pro Bodybuilder COLETTE NELSON!

(all pictures are used by Colette's personal permission)



Some Info about COLETTE:


Colette Nelson, MS, RD, CDE
[email protected]


Birth date: April 5, 1974


Birthplace: Southfield, Michigan


Zodiac Sign: Aries


Current Residence: New York City- Greenwich Village


Height: 5’5”


Weight: Contest: 142# Off-Season- 160#


Marital Status: Single


Career Highlights:
4th place HW: Team Universe- 2000
6th Place MW: NPC Nationals- 2000
1st Place HW: NPC USA- 2001
1st Place HW. NPC USA - 2002
2nd Place HW: NPC USA – 2003
1st Place HW Team Universe- 2004

5th place HW: NY Pro - 2005
1st Place LHW and Overall: NPC North American Championships (earned my pro card!)
1st Place World Championships – Spain – 2004 – Pro- card awarded


Hobbies: I love movies and theatre. I am a registered dietitian, which explains why I am fascinated with learning all there is to know about food- especially on a performance level. I am thinking of writing a cookbook in the near future. I also love to water-ski. I love web design and playing with PhotoShop. I now run several top amateur and professional bodybuilding websites. If you are looking for a webmaster, let me know.


Favorite Food: I love peanut butter. I even make it myself. I buy the most select peanuts, almonds, and cashews and grind them in my food processor. I add a little equal and some salt and you have the most amazing peanut butter you have ever tasted.


Favorite Body part to train: BACK!!! I feel that my mind really connects with that muscle. I love pull-ups, heavy one arm rows and bend over barbell rows. I just started to enjoy training legs.


When did you start training: I started dancing when I was 6 y.o. Then I became an aerobics instructor when I was 17 y.o., teaching up to 20 classes / week all through the remainder of high school and through college. I began weight training when I was 19 y.o. and didn’t really start getting serious into bodybuilding until I was 24 y.o. I was very focused on school and completing my master’s degree in nutrition took a priority. Once I finished- it was full speed ahead into the world of bodybuilding. When I started seriously competing in the year 2000, I gave myself five years to turn Professional. I managed to turn professional within my goal.


Future Plans: After winning my Pro-card, it allowed me to reflect on my career as a bodybuilder. I realized that there wasn’t going to be a $100,000 contract waiting for me after I won the Worlds. It is unfortunate, but it is impossible to make a living being a female bodybuilder. The prize money is insignificant when you consider how much money it costs to compete. Winning my pro-card had a much deeper meaning on a personal level. I do plan on competing as a professional with little expectations. I just want the opportunity to share the stage with such female bodybuilding legends such a Lenda Murry, Yaxini Oriquen, and others.


I haven’t given up the idea of going back to NYU for my PhD in Nutrition or take more classes in web design. I hope that I can one day be a spokesperson for female bodybuilding and start breaking down the barriers surrounding women with muscle.


Latest Contest:

Raye Hollitt's Strength Show

Barbell curls- winner of that event, 80# barbell 64 reps
1/4 # Keg Lift- 38 times, clean & Jerk over the head press

With first and seconds on almost every event...making me the winner. This makes turning down the INVITE to the Arnold okay. My pro-debut- May 21 in NYC.


Contact Information:
The Villager in c/o Colette Nelson
338 First Ave. 
NY, NY 10009


Latest News:

Colette will be competing at the Ms. International in Columbus this February!


Please note:

Colette does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




COLETTE's Photo Gallery:


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© Photos 1-7 are courtesy of Mike Yurkovic

© Photos 8-12 are courtesy of David Kippen



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Video clips:


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Colette can be contacted by e-mail at:

[email protected]


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