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Dear WPW Customer,                                                                                                    May 2013

Our NEW WPW DVD 767 is now available, featuring swimsuit scenes from all of our many sessions with Kathy from 1993 to 2012 - see below for full description and guide photos. The DVD and video download are both available now. In addition, we have the following DVDs now available as video downloads= WPW 520, 525, 534, 536, 538, 766 and the new 767- see below for a guide photo for each, and go to our ONLINE STORE at  to see more guide photos and video descriptions for all 767 WPW DVDs.

In addition, for the first time we are posting WPW-74, WPW-101, WPW-150, WPW-180, WPW-189, WPW-195, WPW-196, WPW-230, WPW-350, WPW-374, WPW-422, WPW-429, WPW-430 which are currently only available via this email.

We will continue to prepare more video downloads every month or so, working our way backwards - we will be in the 400's soon! Read below for information on how to order downloads.

DVD SALE CONTINUES: Most of you have enjoyed taking advantage of our sale and we will extend that again here. All of our DVDs are $24.95 full price, but if you purchase 3 full price, you may choose 1 for free: if you purchase 5 full price, select 2 for free; purchase 10 full price and you may select 5 for free; and purchase 20 full price, choose 12 for free. All WPW, WPW Compilations, Ray Martin and Fitness Video Company DVDs are included in the sale. Read below for ordering instructions for the SALE.

WPW 767 - Kathy Connors Compilation: Kathy has been competing since the very early 1980's but it took us until 2004 to have our first video session with her, which is on WPW 583. We made up for lost time though, and she became one of our most popular physique models over the past 10 years. In addition to the WPW work, the Ray Martin company taped her in 1993 and 1994, and those are on Ray Martin DVD 24 and 60. In addition to her WPW 583 session Kathy is on DVD 627, 731, 752 and 764. DVD 764 had sessions from 2010 and 2011 and early 2012. All of the above RM and WPW DVDs are still available. So, for this compilation DVD, we have bikini/one piece scenes taken from all the above RM and WPW DVDs and her first interview from 2004. Also, we have 4 stage routines from the 1990 Junior Nationals and the 1993, 1998 and 1999 Nationals and her impressive performances at the 1993 and 1995 Extravaganza Strength Contests. To wrap it all up, we had a taping with her in contest shape during July 2012 (age 53 !) which had not been released before, so the bikini and dress footage, and interview, is included here on DVD for the first time. This is our most comprehensive compilation for one woman ever, featuring Kathy in contest shape, off season and in between, but regardless of her condition, she was always professionally made up making for one of the best, and 'longest running' competitors ever.  Running time 3 hours.

Please note we offer both PayPal & CCBill as a payment options for our video downloads. If you make a purchase via CCBill, you will receive access to the video almost instantly. If you order through PayPal, it can take up to 3business days for you to gain access as we have to manually generate a username/password for you.

We will continue to add new WPW video downloads each month, continuing with WPW 500 through 539 and then 50 and below, so look for our monthly e-mails listing the new download titles. In time we will then go back and offer older WPW videos as well as WPW Compilations, Fitness Video Company and Ray Martin. All video downloads are $19.95. Read more ordering instructions below.


We offer 2 different payment methods;

1) CCBill: Pay via credit card or online check. If you purchase through CCBill, you will automatically be directed to set up a username/password to access the video download within minutes.

2) PayPal: Pay via credit card. If you purchase by "adding this item to your cart" through PayPal, you will receive your username/password from WPW (via email from [email protected]) within 3-5 business days as we need to manually create your log in information.

*If you wish to receive immmediate access to the video, we recommend using CCBill to place your order**

Once you receive your username/password you will be able to gain access to the "members only" section of the site via the link "Click here to log-in" next to each title as seen above. Here, you will have the option to download the file and save it to your computer for ongoing future viewing. To download the file, you will have to RIGHT CLICK and save the file for it to begin the download process. Please note that due to the size of the videos (most 1.5-2hrs in length) it could take an hour or more to download to your computer depending on your connection speed. For more information on our video downloads click here.

PLEASE NOTE: this is the first time we are offering these downloads, if you have any trouble with any of the links or problems downloading the videos, please try accessing the videos through different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari) as depending on your computer some browsers may work and others may not. If you continue to have trouble, please email us at [email protected].


VISIT US ON YOUTUBE: Search for "wpwvideos" or click on the YouTube logo below. We have listed short preview clips for many of the above videos on our channel. Check it out!


Thank you for your continued business,


Copyright May 2013, WPW Publications

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