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Welcome to the Page of the incredible muscular and attractive IFBB Pro Bodybuilder from Finland PAULIINA TALUS!

(all pictures are used by Pauliina's personal permission)



Some Info about PAULIINA:


I was born in Oulu, Finland 31st of July 1972. I have a little sister, mom and dad. My little sister Katariina is the most important thing in this hole world!! Now I live in Los Angeles and she lives in Helsinki, Finland, I miss her very much!!


I have been very active in different sport since I was a little kid. My mom took my to ballet dance glass when I was age 4. Since then I have done all kind of sports. You name it, I’ve done it:)!


In my teen’s I was doing track and field. I was specialist running, sprinting. I was 16:teen when I needed to have surgeries to my both feats and had to stop running. I had to think what sport I want to start doing. Actually it was very easy! I have always admired strong will person’s, muscular bodies and good look of course:)) I though in that time(still do!) that bodybuilders are the most powerful persons in this earth. I thought if person can train her/his body like that, diet like that, they has to be totally graze hahhah..!! I understood right away that mind has to be VERY strong and this is not weak person’s sport. I mean when we talk about competition level. I always remember when I said to my mom at age 16 that I’m going to be IFBB Pro one day and live in US. My mom said, start training first and then you see do you have even potential..:) My horoscopes sing in Leo. Leo’s are very strong and determent if they want to have something. I knew if I work hard, get support and fight thru hard times, I’d receive my goal/goals. It took 11 years to turn IFBB Pro and 13 years to move to US, but I made it! Now is time to go after new goals and dreams. It’s not easy to make new dreams come thru in new country. But I learned something from very special person; always think positive no matter what!! And never give up!! You guys keep that also in your mind and sun will sun sooner or later!!


I moved here in States 9 months ago, after year 2002 Arnold Classic. Lot of grate things has happened after that! Of course life is always sometimes very hard for all of us!! But just point out again that if you really want to receive your dreams, it’s possible!! I train in Venice Gold’s Gym. I'm also running my personal training business in Venice Gold's .I train and desing diets for competitive bodybuilders, fitness competitors and athlites from different sports. But I also have clients who just want to be healthy and look good. So if you are interested in of personal training, you are more than welcome to contact me! My new work and "title" is Vice President of Private Trainers Association. We are certification company and very unique one! Our directors all are IFBB Pro's! So we offer only the best of the best! For example one our star staff member is legendary Charles Glass. More information please go to:


My next show will be Ms.International 4th of March 2005. Show is only by invitation and I was very honored to receive this invitation again. I haven't been competing in 3 years and I'm very excated to get back. Lot of people keep asking how much I'm going to weigh in this show? I really don't know cause first I don't weigh my self and secondly, it doesn't matter what the number shows. It matters how I look.


Here are some info of my:

Hight: 5’4

Weight: in my last show, 2002 Ms.International 155lbs


High lights in competitons:
4th place in IFBB World Champions (in heavy weight), Finnish National winner(in heavy weight) and Over All Winner, Getting my IFBB Pro card year 2000, Jan Tana Classic 6th place(in heavy weight), My first invitation to Arnold Classic year 2001 and year 2002.


Horoscope: Leo 
What I’m like: Well, if you read Leo’s horoscope what tells about Leo, I’m exactly like that:) Favourite food: Stake and yam 
Favourite colour: I LOVE colours!! I love yellow, baby blue, white, red. Right now everything has to be pink:) 
Favourite actor: I have few favourites Here are few examples: Robert De Niro, Harrison Ford, Arnold Of course:), Sharon Stone, 
Favourite music: I LOVE trance techno. I can’t even train with out my music. I also love different type of music. I love Andrea Bocelli. He has this one song witch is maybe the most beautiful song if ever hear! Songs name is Canto Della Terra.


I want to thank you all my dear friends of your grate support!! To be honest, I have even no words to thank you enough!! I try to answer all of you guys e-mails, but sometimes It might take awhile or for some reason I won’t get all the mails!!! I just want you to know that you fans are the most important thing!! You keep this sport alive with me and other fabulous female bodybuilders!!


You can read more what’s going from my website I update it often, so you should check it out often:) If you are looking a personal training service, take a look my personal training link. There is more info and my resume list. Don’t hesitate to e-mail me if you have any questions ok!


Lots of love and God Bless you!! 


Please note:

Pauliina does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




PAULIINA's Photo Gallery:


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