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Welcome to the Page of the gorgeuos, very attractive & muscular NPC National Level Bodybuilder MALISSA ROBLES!

(all pictures are used by Malissa's personal permission)



Some Info about MALISSA:


I was born in Eugene OR. May 26, 1977. I moved from Or. when I was 5. I have been in CA. ever since. I live now in Visalia, CA. I moved here 4 yrs. ago when I met my husband. Before that I grew up in a small town 15 min. away in Tulare, CA. I am about 45 min. away from Fresno, CA> Maybe your familiar with it.


I work at Albertson's a grocery store in Tulare. I am a checker and have been there for 10 yrs. since I was 16. It was my first job. I have had other part time jobs on the side for extra money.


I played soccer and softball in H.S. but I wasn't that good. I was overweight and I really just wanted to be part of a team. But I had good energy so I think that's why I made the team, but never really played. I got involved with weights and working out in 1996. After I graduated  H.S. I lost about 50 pds/ I I topped the scale at 208 in H.S. I lost the weight on a fat free diet. I would only eat 10 grams of fat a day. I got really skinny about 130 pds and I battled bulimia and anorexia also. They were all the demons that come along with trying create a body that I could never have. I have worked out since 1996 but nothing serious. Then in 1999 I met someone who suggested I do a figure/BB competion. And it's history  form there.


It wa never a goal to ever compete. I always looked at the magazines and wished and dreamed of having that muscular, lean body but never would have imagined doing the things that I'm doing now. It just happened this way and who knows what will follow. I hope great things. But even if nothing else happens for me I am proud of myself and the goals I've accomplished. As I see my physique improve every year it just makes me hungry for more and to be better.


The first show that I did was in 1999 a figure competion for NABBA. I placed 2nd to onother women. I weighed 122 pds and about 8-9% bodyfat.


Competition History:

2000 San Jose BB Classic- 1st Hvy.

2000 San Diego BB Championships- 1st Hvy.

L.A. Classic 3rd Hvy.

Sacramento BB Classic- 2nd Hvy.

2003 Contra Costa-3rd Hvy.

CAL. 2nd Hvy.

2005 NPC California, 1st Hvy.


A typical day starts at 5am to do 30 min. of cardio. Then I tan at 6am. Home to make breakfast for me and my husband and pack our 5 meals for the day. He goes to work at 8am. I take a nap for about an hr. get up shower and get ready for work. I usually work 10-7 but working at the grocery store my hrs. change every week. I get weekends off to spend with my husband and relax. After work I meet my training partner/husband David at the gym for some serious training, I get a high of excitement everytime I rain. Then it's another 30 min. session of cardio and some abs or calves. Then it's home around 9pm to make dinner for us. I make my dieting food and my husbands clean food. I shower and answer e-amils and return phone calls. It's bed time around 11-11:30 and then start all over again. I like to have every hr. of my day planned out I like routine.


I train 1 bodypart a day. Legs, hamstrings, chest, back, shoulders, and arms. I o 4 excercises and 3 sets about 10-12 reps. Every workout is different we have never done the same workout twice, I train hard and heavy just like my husband. He weighs 263 at 9.%. He also took 2nd at the CAL last year as a Lt. hvy. and will do the USA's next year, so I can't have him make'in me look bad. We train 6 days a week and usually have 1 cheat day a week. The cheat day jsut started for me. I don't ever cheat but in order to keep full and not drop to much weight I need to fill up on some junk once a week.


The only difference from off-season and competion are that I cut out 1 session of cardio and I up my calories a little. This year will be different for me so we are going to play and experiment with my diet.


To be honest I have never payed attention to my best lifts or kept any stats. The 1st time I measured my arms was a few months ago only because my husband made me. They are 14' cold and 15' pumped. I know that and I have 26' chest with DD boobs, that's about it.


My best bodypart is the tie in from my hamstrings and my glutes. My worst are my abs. I don't like training them. My favorite excercise is walking lunges with heavy dumbells I love how sore my ass gets. And the least favorite are abs.


In todays judging the judge go by what's on stage at the time. People always think they are looking for this and that, but you don't know untill the show starts. One year it's super shredded , nest year it's huge, than the next year it's a little softer. So you have to just put everything into it and pose your heart out and hope they like your look. The judges do the best with what they have. I would love to be a judge.


I don't really have any other hobbies this consumes most of my time. But my husband I and get together with friends and do the club scene every so often. We love to have a good time and enjoy life an eachother.


My future plans are to consentrate on the next 6 weeks. I decided last Sunday to do the USA's. Seeing how a beautiful Lt. Wt won the CAL this year I feel I have a good chance of placing top 5. It goes back to what I was saying about the judging. This year it isn't the biggest girl wins. So knowing that I can try to place well. I will never sacrafice my femininty all I'm doing now is training real heavy. I am making my muscles denser and my physique for sompact. So stay tunes and wish me luck.


Please note:

Malissa does not do sessions or wrestling of any kind. Please don't ask!!




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